CBD & CBG Flower Sale

CBD Flower
Hand-trimmed, Nice Color, Big Buds, & Great Nose! Price per pound starts @ $195 for 1 – 5 lbs. & reduces with quantity. There is more Flower being trimmed every day, larger orders can be fulfilled. Bag or bulk photos available upon request. DM for questions or interest, or call our office at 541-879-3300.

Sour Space Candy – 15% CBD. 1,500+ lbs. currently available.
Sour Space Candy.PDF (209.8 KB)

Hawaiian Haze – 16.5%. 1000+ lbs.
Hawaiian Haze.PDF (194.2 KB)

Elektra – 11.5%. 1000+ lbs.
Elektra.PDF (199.8 KB)

CBG Flower
Hand-trimmed, Nice Color, Big Buds, & Great Nose! Price per pound starts @ $210 for 1 – 5 lbs. & reduces with quantity.

CBG White – 13.5%. 1000+ lbs.
CBG White.PDF (159.8 KB)

Sour CBG – 9%. 1000+ lbs.
Sour CBG.PDF (176.7 KB)

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Hump day bump day :camel: We appreciate all the great people who’ve been reaching out!


New 2020 Strains being included in our Sale!

Sour Lifter – 15% CBD. 500+ lbs. currently available.
Sour Lifter.PDF (138.1 KB)

Special Sauce – 13% CBD. 500+ lbs.
Special Sauce.PDF (136.9 KB)
Special Sauce

Super Sour Space Candy – 14.5% CBD. 500+ lbs.
Super Sour Space Candy.PDF (138.4 KB)


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:call_me_hand: Nice looking flower though


Several hundred pounds of each strain still available! Ask about our bulk deals

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Bump! Happy Monday all

Strain specific lots available of smokeable CBD & CBG Smalls at $60 per lb. or $45 for 100+ lbs. ready to ship. Machine trimmed and visually/hand inspected before falling through the 2" trimming screen. No seeds, no mold, no issues at all! Product comes from above listed strains and lots from our 2020 grow. DM for details or questions :call_me_hand:

Is the hundred pound discount combined or for each strain?

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Combined or single strain, either/or gets the 100+ lbs. discount! If you would like to take the whole lot of a single strain, I could offer $40 per lb.

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Discounted Bulk pricing for serious buyers! The last of our supply will probably dry up by this month so get yours before our rush hits!


If it Dry’s up you could pop some bodeva packs in there


Hahaha thank you Shatter, but I meant the supply will dry up, not the Flower buds!
Our Flower is kept in humidity and temperature controlled dark rooms, and if requested or needed we add Bodeva packs to our 1, 5 & 50 lb bags. Thank you for looking out tho!

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$175 per lb. for all premium Flower strains from now until 4/20!
Bulk B-buds for $42 per lb.!
First come, first serve while supply lasts!

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175 for cbg flower?

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Yes sir! Up until 4/21

Some pictures of top flower ?

Please scroll to the top of this posting for photos and info. If you would like more photos or live photos please send a DM and we can organize a video call or email

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Sale is available for select strains through the month of April!

Reach out to 541-879-3300 or sales@focushempco.com for more details