CBD Broad Spectrum Oil Available $1995 USD per Liter

CBD Broad Spectrum Oil available $1995 per liter
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BROAD SPECTRUM OIL 2 -10 2020 COA.pdf (1001.0 KB)

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Curious what processing system are you using? If you don’t mind me asking.

Is this not full spec? It’s not ND THC.

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Full spec for me is not compliant and Broad spec is under .3 THC

T-Free is ND


Interesting distinction, funny how in this industry you can call anything whatever you want.


There is conflicting info out there as to what the naming conventions are.

Full Spectrum implies that it has the full spectrum of the plant, but if you make it compliant then that is no longer the case, so I dont see how it can be called Full Spectrum as it is no longer the ‘Full’ spectrum.

As for ND, it makes sense to call it T-Free, it describes it perfectly.

So then that leaves us with Broad to which some of us attach the name to “Full” spectum oil that has been neutered.





Does the “broad spectrum” CBD oil crystallize? How is it different than isolate- since CBD isolate is a crystal.

It does crystalize.

It’s different because there are other minors present.

Isolate is only CBD

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So just to clarify, CBD full spectrum oil is crystallized solid in a jar?

if its above 60% cbd yes

Yes… the high potency of CBD causes it to crash


Hard to sell at this price ?



I just think this is the wrong demographic. Hemp is abundant and most processors know where to get it these days. I’ve honestly been wondering if anyone sells anything through this site.


@Sirsmokesalot I’ve been wondering the same thing. I have put multiple posts up offering products and have only sold a couple things on here.

It certainly has been increasingly difficult to sell on here.

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