CBD and CBG isolate ratios? Crashing in a cart?

Is anyone running x:x ratios of CBD isolate and CBG isolate together without crystalizing


I’ve never seen CBD+CBG isolates only have a long enough shelf life to sell


I’ve heard of CBC having cuts, should you ask whats being used as a cut and if there is any? I was in this situation a while back

Said vendor used MCT oil

Never seen that before but I also have only sourced directly from processors and they know I test everything anyway. There’s synthetic CBC and hemp derived natural CBC. Both are very expensive compared to other isolated cannabinoids. At room temperature they are very fluid. Only answer here is to submit them for testing at a hemp lab since you should be doing that regardless of if you think they were cut.

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The HD CBC would be what I go to, not a fan of synthetics or isomerizations anything.

Id obviously get it tested for any cuts, surprised they even told me tbh

I’m not talking about cutting with anything other than 5% or somterpenes for flavoring

With CBDa/CBC/CBT you’re adding more cannabinoids to avoid crashing rather cutting - its all still cannabis. Other than altering the PH with triethyl citrate (also adds a flavor) they’re the only answer I’m aware of. Most major CBD cart brands offer COAs and they usually show those minors.


We sell CBC derived from CBG, for 5-6k a kg.


So it sounds like from what I’m hearing here is that CBD ISO and CBG ISO mixed together at any ratios will still crystalize. Other cannabinoids are needed to add to the mix

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Here’s two relevant screenshots from the threads I saved awhile back.

Yes, that’s why I suggested CBC or CBT. I’ve seen full spec CBD distillate circumvent this but never isolate plus isolate. If it’s just for personal use and you’re using the cart right after you fill it you might be able to race the clock but I would expect a lot of issues with clogging if it is going to sit on shelves.



The x1000 UniDrive homogenizer can disperse those puny amounts of cbg and cbd enough to inhibit crystallization for months. 5% properly dispersed has a 5% chance of encountering similar sized particles to crystalize with. Remember: don’t mix, disperse.


Yeah I noticed that too with hot CBD. Cbg distillate was still crystallized pretty hardcore even with higher amounts of d9 in it. I may be some testing with d8 that’s hot and see if ratios of CBD and CBG ISO will not crystalize

I just so happen to have snagged one of those ha

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It will still crash

Do a 45% CBD dist, or lower whatever’s up to you, <20% CBC maybe I personally haven’t made any carts with it yet but as stoopkid said its viscosity is low, so play around with ratios. Example: 45% CBD dist, 20% CBC, 30% CBG 5% Hemp derived terpenes

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Gotten a few carts above 50 percent all the way to 60 percent with CBN using CBT/CBC.

Tried that out for an insomnia cart. CBT I find a little more effective at preventing crystallization for CBN or CBD.

Only cart I’ve had recrystallize was a 70 percent attempt.


I have had good results with 1:1:1… 1:1 are trickier imo… but havent seen crashing if canabinoid is under 50% total amount.
Then again havent been storing a jar for more than a year.

Thanx for the tips ”don’t mix, disperse” @cart.farm Will read up on this Today :slight_smile:


Personally I’ve seen CBE and CBT to be far more effective than CBC when it comes to preventing crystallization. CBC is excellent in terms of reducing viscosity. I can’t say why, just my anecdotal experience.


Although not as bad as CBD, CBG is also prone to crystallization. Thus, blends of CBD and CBG are prone to crystallization.

One way to avoid CBD crystalization is to use the combination of (a) less CBD and CBG, (b) more CBN, CBC, CBT, CBDa, and/or terpenes/HTE.


this is 100% correct, we are doing it now for a year. 43/47/10 (CBD/CBDa/legal minor like CBN in our case) homogenized over 4min at 90C. done.

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