CBD Analyzer ML-XXL-P

Is anyone use ML-XXL-SPECTRO for testing cannabis? Is this good?
Selling this german company, and seems to be great tool for a nice price. But i could not find any opinion about this in net.

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No experience on the subject, but welcome to the forum.

can’t find much in English.
had the all knowing one translate

The CBD THC Analyzer ML-XXL-Spectro
LCD touch color display
New spectral analysis
Digital gas chromatography (GC)
6 sensors
ion generator
UV light cleaning program
Pressure compressor
Fully automatic cleaning program
Feeder for oil measurement
Automatic oil detection
Automatic detection when the cannabis is overlaid Fast evaluation (under 10 minutes)
Deviation of 0.05 percent when used correctly
For material from 0.01 - 100% THC
Manual calibration of the THC / CBD / CBDa / Oil value possible Not suitable for cannabis CBD oil from CO2 processes
Results: THC total, THC, THCa, THCv, CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBC, CBN, in percent, ppm number of odor molecules
(for CBD 0.01 - 6% THC, CBD oil only if not produced using CO2)
Programs: Mode: Medical Cannabis USA Analysis (CBD, only CBD and CBDa without THC result)
Mode: Street Hemp, Cannabis, Hashish 6 - 100% THC (Total Results)
Mode: Fresh cannabis (harvest assistant ppm)
Mode: street. Cannabis oil THC 5% - 100% THC
Mode: CBD (Industrial Hemp), CBD oil, CBD paste 0.01 - 6% THC (CBD with THC evaluation!)
Mode: Factory reset
Label printer
Digital operating instructions via LCD color display -
Operate the device with the touchscreen or buttons

not sure that I buy it being a GC. GC with UV detector could be a thing.
found a reference to it being HPLC, but that was on facebook, so :man_shrugging:

edit: Price: € 4250


All that i know. I spend couple hours looking for any information about it, and didn’t find any, except from producer. And this is pretty strange. If this would work like producent says this would be almost graal for analizing cannabis. In couple minutes you have information about fresh weed, hemp, or oils using one divice for relatively low pirce. If this is true this is “must have” for anyone in buisness

at that price Id rather have a used SRI-GC

if you’re in the EU, it might be the tool, but there are lots of other devices that claim similar capabilities (haven’t seen another pocket GC. still not sure if this is one).

great. my guess was that nobody else did…

you haven’t been here long enough to post links.
so I figured I’d help out anyone who might want to help you out.

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I’ve actually been beating my head against a used SRI 8610c for the last couple of days…

one that I first set up in my garage six or seven years ago. It has been down for quite a while now.

finally got it playing nice again today.

Here’s my cannabinoid standards run FAST

I was just over joyed to see the right number of peaks at this point :pray:

I slowed it down a hair to get a five min run time that keeps CBD out of the solvent front. I’ve got a couple or four longer profiles, depending on the matrix and potency.

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I used to have It on hand… Not reliable at all… At least my experience, also After some resin testing the device in questione were totally not working anymore… Lol

any idea how it worked?

as in GC? LC? infrared?

I spoke with them at the phone… In a really bad English… They told me that Is some kind of GC… On vapour phase… But im skeptical about It…

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