CBC detected, recall ensues. This one weird trick can avoid the OLCC

OLCC message follows:

PORTLAND, Ore. –The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) is issuing a recall for four vaping products produced by an OLCC licensed processor. The products were sold to recreational marijuana licensed retailers; the processor also sold the products to non-licensed (general market) retailers.

The products do not conform to state standards regarding cannabis additives and therefore should not be sold in either the cannabis or general market. The licensee’s records indicate the products contain CBN, an artificially derived cannabinoid; they also contain a synthetic form of the cannabinoid CBC.

Under Oregon law, inhalable products like vape cartridges cannot contain artificially derived cannabinoids. Additionally, the synthetic CBC does not comply with OLCC requirements for non-cannabis additives in inhalable products, and is also prohibited under Oregon law.

The vape cartridges have been sold under the brand name Firefly Extracts and were manufactured by Hillsboro-based Plank Road Laboratories, Inc., an OLCC licensed marijuana processor. A preliminary investigation by the OLCC indicates that a combined total of more than 5,000 units of the products were manufactured between August 2021 and February 2022; not all of the products were distributed. The licensee has been cooperating with the OLCC to track down the distributed product.


The OLCC discovered the prohibited additive issue during a random audit of the Cannabis Tracking System (CTS). Investigators reviewing the Firefly Extracts testing results also determined that at least three of them contained the synthetic cannabinoid CBC. Under the Oregon Board of Pharmacy standards, non-cannabis derived CBC is considered a Schedule 1 substance.



The future is bleak for synthetics.

Isnt decarb a form of synthesis? And therefor all d9? Non thca would be artificially made and synthetic.

Shouldn’t your note be in like… italics or something?

Haven’t we had this conversation like 10 times in the last 2 years? :stuck_out_tongue:

The key I think is in the last sentence…

non-cannabis derived - you know like from other substances, not from cannabis. -shrug- Which seems like it would be different than, perhaps, chemically altered, conversion products that have undergone either semi-synthetic or natural processes to change their composition. :open_mouth:


Highly doubt cbc falls under that

I don’t know man. I got friends making this shit in bioreactors using bacteria and enzymes. And I have one really amazing university program I’ve been following that has now made these cannabinoids in tobacco leaves.

-shrug- Its totally possible to make this stuff not from cannabis extracts. Why people would want to do that… when its seems like it would be cheaper to do something else… boggles my mind.

However - people do dumb stuff. Or don’t understand what they are doing. Or don’t have good documentation to explain to inspectors - you know, all the fucking time. So it could be any of those things and have nothing at all do to with seriously cool new synthetic (as in from dinosaurs, not from weed) cannabinoids. <3


If they are going that route. Sure, but it can be from

Its not cannabis derived…

I’ve got $100 that its hemp derived.


Cant yall have hemp in dispensaries? / play with cbd?
Pretty sure.


House Bill 3000 (from the 2021 Oregon Legislature) created some overlapping laws for hemp items between the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) and the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA).

The overlapping laws address:

  • ​Sales to minors
  • Use of sythetic (or lab-created) cannabinoids
  • Amount of THC allowed in all products
  • Packaging and labeling requirements for hemp vape products

Three main changes effective July 1, 2022

  1. New limits on THC content in hemp products
    (for a complete list of limits, see OAR 845-026-0400, Table 3)
  • For sale to adults (21 and over):
    • Hemp edibles are limited to 2 mg THC per serving and 20 mg THC per container.
    • Hemp tinctures are limited to 100 mg THC per container.
    • There are no changes to THC limits for topicals, vape products, and joints.
    • All hemp products are still limited to no more than 0.3% THC.
  • For sale to minors:
    • Hemp products sold to minors still must contain less than 0.5 mg THC.
  1. Hemp products cannot contain any synthetic cannabis derivatives
  • Common examples of substances that are often made synthetically include Delta-8-THC, THCO, HHC, and CBN.
  1. New testing and labeling requirements for hemp vapes
  • All hemp vapes must have an OLCC-compliant label and must have passed compliance testing with an OLCC-licensed lab.

To assist the hemp industry, ODA has added information on our website specific to these changes. For information and rules beyond what is listed on that website, please visit the OLCC website.


Ooof - the Oregon law defines all the conversion products as synthetics and it went into effect on 7/1/22. :open_mouth:

Sucks to be in Oregon. We can’t have them in Michigan either… but that’s cause the THC crew came through and told all the hemp bois to fuck right off, even though we had excellent draft conversion rules ready to go from the CRA. Idiots. -sigh-


Itll continue, but cbc can occur naturally in small quantities? It probably was in the cbn. Curious what the skus were

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Product name: Firefly – Strain T1 vape cartridge | Manufacture Date: 2/16/2022 (Label ID 5658) | Sold starting 03/16/2022

Product name: Firefly – Special Sauce vape cartridge | Manufacture Date: 12/22/2021 (Label ID 5658) | Sold starting 03/11/2022

Product name: Firefly – Hawaiian Haze vape cartridge | Manufacture Date: 12/22/2021 (Label ID 5658) | Sold starting 02/11/2022

Product name: Firefly – Cherry Wife vape cartridge | Manufacture Date: 8/31/2021 (Label ID 5658) | Sold starting 09/11/2021


Their records called the stuff out as synthetic. I mean, if you know you are making conversion and not…I don’t know fractionally distilling out minor cannabinoids from specifically identified genetics… and its in your records, well there you go. :frowning:


If you took it too court then decarb will considered a synthetic.

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I find it funny that the cannabis guys get their THCA out there arguing that it’s hemp derived and then when the hemp guys try to get their THC distillate out there, the cannabis guys get mad🤔


I think its interesting that you say that - when the governments definition of synthetic doesn’t include decarboxylation (aka heating).

They have a pretty neat chart out there about what are natural products and processes - verses everything else, which is synthetic.

So probably in court you could point to that, if you had to try and prove the difference between a natural product and a synthetic product.

We have all had this conversation many times before.

And quite honestly - there are always two sets of lawyers in a court case, only one wins. And half the time the people you don’t think should be winning win. x.X Justice? Who knows.


Synthetic doesnt imply not natural. It’s just implying sythesis. Not all synthesis is not natural, but synthetic can imply that sometimes. Not always. Synthetic is not absolute.

We all know it’s just their nice attempt at putting drugs into categories. At least theyre ahead of the curve. Itll be this way more and more.


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They probably made it with crc