CAT'S New Distributor Goldleaf Scientific- Typical Integrity of the Cannabis Industry!

Goldleaf Scientific is now a distributor for Ingenieuburo CAT. Goldleaf Scientific lists CAT’S equipment on their website as CAT Scientific being the manufacture (we are not the manufacture). He did this for the purpose of search engine ranking. Everyone now thinks CAT Scientific is the manufacture, which now puts us in a position of liability.

Goldleaf Scientific obviously had discussions with the manufacture and knows who they are, yet names us as the manufacture to enrich himself. Is this someone you want to do business with?

As for Rose Scientific, their prices are in Canadian Dollars, ask them for the Price in U.S. Dollars.

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Wait so, you disappear off the face of the planet for months; dozens of forum members try to get CAT equipment but you’re unresponsive; some go to CAT germany to order direct but they’re slow and difficult to work with; a vendor here decides to go through the trouble of setting up to distribute; you finally wake up and get pissed that someone stepped in to sell the product that you stopped selling

Did I miss anything?

I’m sure CAT would have considered keeping you as their US distributor if you were, like, actually distributing


You obviously didn’t read what I posted. Read it again and pay attention!! I don’t care that their offering CAT’S products!!! They are stating that we are the manufacture and we’re not, which puts us in a position of liability. If something happens to one of Goldleaf’s customers while using CAT"S equipment and the equipment is defective, they file a lawsuit naming us as one of the defendants because they think we are the manufacture. We don’t need to be named in a lawsuit and have to defend it because Goldleaf stated we are the manufacture when they clearly know we are not. It’s deceptive and puts us at risk!!!


Okay maybe I’m just dense so I’ll ask for clarification:

CAT scientific (you) are a distributor for Ingenieurbüro CAT

Gold leaf is now a distributor for Ingenieurbüro CAT

Are you saying that component is not manufactured by Ingenieurbüro CAT? Or that it’s not manufactured by CAT scientific (you)?


As of May 1, 2020, CAT Scientific is no longer a distributor for Ingenieuburo CAT.

Goldleaf is now one of Ingenieuburo CAT’s distributors. Anyone can be a Ingenieuburo CAT Distributor!!!

All of the devices are manufactured in Germany by Ingenieuburo CAT!!! We were just a distributor, nothing more.

Goldleaf named us as the manufacture, CAT Scientific, for search engine ranking only, while putting us at risk. I’ve asked Goldleaf to name the correct manufacture, “Ingenieuburo CAT” on their website and they refuse to do it. What Goldleaf is doing is purely dishonest and lacks integrity.

Thanks for the clarification. I guess I understand why you are upset about them using your name. For what it’s worth, I don’t think there’s any real risk of liability like you allege (it’s clear that you don’t manufacture these products and have no connection to the sale of them anyways).

Out of curiosity, would you share why you are do longer distributing homogenizers?

While the risk may be minimal, there’s still risk and we shouldn’t be put in a position of liability so Goldleaf can enrich themselves. Again, it’s dishonest and lacks integrity! All they have to do is change the name of the manufacture and were done. They refuse to do it!!!

If they’re willing to deal with us in this fashion how do you think they’ll treat their customers?

The owner of CAT Scientific decided to retire on May 1, 2020. I just handled the sales, formulations and tech support.