😺Cat Hair in My Garden😺

I started growing again. I’ve had this problem before and no good solution. I’ve tried using tents, fans with screens going in and out of the tent, and setting up box fans everywhere with a filter taped to the front. I keep getting cat hair landing on my buds and I have to pick it out, or smoke it. What should I do about all this cat hair if I’m growing in one room of a two bedroom apartment in a tent?

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I have a lot of fur babies as well, and bud washing at harvest can help a bit on top of some of the solutions you included. The more buckets the more hair it’ll remove but some will still be wrapped around the buds and you can get them after drying when you buck/trim.

I don’t think fans outside the tent are as good at keeping hair away as they would seem, the simple act of stirring up the hair in the room distributes them all over, not just in the direction the fan is pointing.

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keep the cat out of that room by closing the door. Intake filters on the tent and frequent vacuuming.

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Use inline fans with HEPA filters. AC Infinity has cheap options for smaller tents.

And as thumper said, keep your room vacuumed. A cheap robot vacuum might make things easier.

You can make your own can style filter on a intake just use a 6” vent line and snip and size it to your exhaust in and this will allow for a restriction of less than 10% on your air flow so keep that in mind per cfm of your setup needs. Use aluminum vent tape to adhere the filter to the “cylinder” you’ve made on the inside.

Grab a carbon filter for a house from Home Depot or Lowe’s/ Walmart and cut it to fit, keep in mind it will have the wire inbetween both sides to keep the filter taught on the screen, make sure to cut evenly and you can make one for 30$ or less.


my dog never went in my gardens. I lived in the kids bedroom and the other bedrooms and basement she wasnt allowed in. I have a bunch of dust shrooms, its an oil soaked filter.

Cat hair also travels on clothes, best to garden naked .

Also invest in some 3.0 magnification reading glasses for when you trim/dehair your bud.


Get a hairless cat


It’s your cats garden now :3
Scrap and start over


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