Cat and Across International Collab- You heard it here first

As many of you know, I resigned from my beloved Cascade Sciences in October of 2019. I wouldn’t trade my 15 year affiliation with Cascade and going on 10 years with a strong Cannabis focus for anything. As I looked forward, I realized that I wanted to sell equipment relevant to larger-scale operations. When I left Cascade, I was planning on putting together my own equipment distribution company. Before I could get @sidco to build my website I found myself in talks with Alex from @c1d1labs who offered my team a fantastic opportunity.

C1D1 Labs gives me an opportunity to be relevant in so very many more operations and the future looks bright! Last week, Across International chose C1D1 Labs as their provider of C1D1 Rooms and Engineering Services. I couldn’t be more excited. AI could have chosen any of the Pod/Booth Manufacturers and they chose us.

Like all good partnerships, this one will go both ways. C1D1 Labs will be a proud supplier of Across International gear. If you know me, you know that this was not a quick decision. I am passionate about American made equipment and have sold hard against AI for a decade. The truth is, by the time I left Cascade, we weren’t just selling American equipment any more. If you enjoy Agilent and Edwards pumps, you are enjoying Malaysian/Chinese equipment already.

I haven’t’ changed as much as the market has changed around me and I am responding. Cascade gave Across their only competition in the Cannabis space and made them up their game over and over. I was always frustrated (and a little impressed) with AI’s ability to roll out improvements. I was recently in a lab that hosted a Cascade Pure Path, Heidolpoh 20L roto and a wall of AI ovens. These guys had a beautiful facility, they could have bought any gear they wanted and they CHOSE AI ovens.

At the end of the day, my goal is to meet the needs of my customers with equipment that brings them value and performance. I want to wrap every lab in a big C1D1 hug and this partnership with Across International is a huge move forward.

This forum is my anchor in the Cannabis space. I appreciate the people here more than you can know. If I can’t be excited about this move with you, I can’t be excited about it at all.



AI ovens are some of the best I’ve worked with, in multiple facilities across Canada.

Congrats on the move!!

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We couldn’t be more excited to have such an amazing team. Catherine we :heart: ya! #C1D1fam

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