Cat 3* D9 Pricing

No i didnt i messaged you the same day you tagged me. I was in LA and by the time you responded the next day I was already gone.

Find me a person of sound mind chasing liter sales on future4200 and I’ll take a picture of em for an nft cause that’s rarer than a $700 clean liter

Akin to demanding delivery on a $10 gram in 2014


not to be a stickler… but can we just start saying “Full Panel Certified” instead of Cat 3 or whatever vernacular.

like previously stated, it basically just means its passed a california certified lab for a full panel analysis.


If it’s not CA L2L it is not Cat3

…so chances are it’s not even tested imo.

Edited cuz I’m an idiot

Im talking about sellers dude. Your nft isnt rare at all

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