Cascade Sciences 20L Asahi Glass Filter Reactor System

Item Model/Manufacturer: Cascade Sciences CS-20L-FR 20L Asahi Glass Filter Reactor System
Description: BRAND NEW * over 65 k savings! Filter Reactor Temp Range: ‐90°C to +200°C

  • Heidolph Precision 200 overhead stirrer on height adjustable frame
  • Huber CC‐508 temperature control
  • Agilent IDP7 vacuum pump
  • ‐50°C cold trap
  • Large glass carboy with glass vacuum connections integrated on mobile cart
  • All thermofluids, hoses, connections and fittings
  • Glass Condenser included in package
  • Shipping available worldwide

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WORTH $230,000
ASKING $ 175,000
Price/MSRP: $175,000
Current location of item: Jersey UK
Estimated lead time: 10 Days
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: full factory warranty

Oh boy, its going to be really difficult to find someone willing to spend $175k on an r&d scale crystallization vessel when 100L filter reactors can be had for under $20k. The pump, stir motor, huber and stir motor are all very nice - might be worth breaking down and selling separately.


That’s a insane price, asahi is literally the lowest end tier glass manufacturer over seas. They specialize in production of small glass bottles, trinkets, and koac consumables with quality not being number 1. The idea someone would pay for a rebranded dirt shit glass reactor that’s worth like 10k max is something this seller should reconsider as a sales price. And shame on the white label company for slapping such a price on this. Shame shame.

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I get the impression that someone in this organization lost their shirt or the salesman of the year got themselves a blank check. But yeah, crazy to spend $200k on a system that can maybe do 5kg of crystallization in a batch. I’m curious what the story is here.


@eyeworm Thank you we bought a whole package and this system was part of it, Going off the invoice what was paid we took a large chunk off of it, its crazy what the price of these systems are

@eyeworm We bought a new vitalis r200 and it came with a big package of systems we do not need. On the vitalis sales invoice they got some wild numbers but its my job to post and get it out there for sale but I totally agree $175 is pretty hefty but so is the $230,000 that was paid.

This is a non-starter at half that price. For reference, give Cascade a call and ask for a quote on that gear. You might be able to get a higher price in the UK than the US, but I think you are asking over current list price.

Asahi makes magnificent laboratory glass, and these are all the highest quality ancillaries. This is a solid piece of equipment performance wise, but that price is ridiculous. My advice would be to drop $100K off the price to start and then lower it $1,000 a day until it sells. I anticipate that you might start getting takers around $60,000.


You’re being nice. Try 20K….you’ll be lucky for a nibble.


To be fair, there is at least that much in just a couple of the ancillaries. In an underserved market in the EU, this could sell. I would be looking for a customer in Germany.


Asahi is not a premier scientific glass manufacturer. They have a pretty and flashy web presence. They handle the world’s bulk of spread out factories that make little glass jars, caps, small bottles, some glass vials and disposable glass components. They also make larger glass jars and factory assembled glass components like kitchenware and glass molding systems. Asahi glass factories in relation to scientific components is identical to say across international/greatwall-china-export company(one of ai current or previous suppliers) Wich actually subs out almost all their larger reactors and large lathe work to a asahi owned company factory. That company makes almost all the china glass reactors as a example. Asahi is no better than those companies. Also they have a non existent QC-warranty program.

Not looking to battle with anyone here but in my experience across international has some great reactors, ive bought a few myself. Asahi is pretty great as far as glass work goes too, never owned one or operated one, but i have had a few opportunities to put hands on one of their reactors and wiped film units. I agree with Cat on this one. I just saw a fleet of brand new reactors and julabo prestos in a UK lab, someone over there spent a nice chunk on that.

It’s hard to convince people on this fourm who see high end equipment sell for pennies on the dollar that there are markets that will tolerate that price.

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I’ve seen them too. They aren’t terrible, even I run a across reactor in our shop. But they fetch a inflated premium that isn’t what it’s claimed to be. You can get exact or similar specs for market price.