Cartridges for Sale

Hey everyone, have any need for carts? $0.50ea + shipping. Press in ccells .8ML

If anyone wants to check quality before purchase I’d be happy to send a few out before a purchase.


How many do you have?

Do you have any packaging for sale - just wondering cuz the tkos you have

As many as you need.

Still have plenty for cheap! DM me for details on samples!


Got the last of the plat vapes. Good quality and nice packaging that isnt on dhgate rn


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Hi I was curious about the sample carts. Are they available still

DM sent…

Time to stock up after the holiday weekend! Anyone else need carts?


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Got my sample order paid ~$30 For 40 carts. Got a little bit of everything on the menu.

Trying to find a few carts I had not to long ago. Loved them and hoping to find something similar.

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Thanks for the shout outs guys!!!

Anyone else need anything before the weekend comes?

Do you have these in 1g

I’m sorry I thought I responded to this already. They are .8ml.

ok thank you


Anyone in need of some carts? Quality carts, willing to send a few samples to try before a large purchase.