Cartridge to battery connection not firing

I didn’t even know this could be a problem.

A friends Dad said he tests cartridges at the dispensary before he buys them, because they are oftten incompatible with his battery, while another cartridge of the same model/make works fine. Like it’s a luck of the draw.

Is this a real issue from manufacturers? How can we simply fix this as a consumer who got a faulty cartridge?

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Very common problem. Everything from China that is not high end will have this problem. We had an order from China of 1500 disposable vape pens with over a 20% fail rate.


Yes this is a real problem. back when i use to fill cartridges. We use to do a random pull on 3 of 100 just for testing and quality control purposes. If any failed, we would do more testing on the batch…if none failed, we wouldnt worry much but knew there was like a 5% fail rate so we were prepared to exchange a few out.

You need to make sure the battery your purchaser is using has the same ohms as the cartridges. I hate so much when a customer would buy a cartridge to use on his/her battery…come back and say the cartridge is not firing to discover a mis matched ohms between the cartridge and battery. Before i stopped all together with the cartrigdes, i would match the cartridge and battery and practically just give the batteries away…i stopped a ton of returns


Has anyone expirimented with using a needle or paperclip to adjust the connection on the cartridge? I have gotten my battery to accept a cartridge that it previously didnt like after fiddling with the cart connection but it didnt transfer any heat.

What are the electrical principles here? Im electrically challenged…

A vape pen is like a flashlight with a battery, with the cart being most akin to a light bulb. The vape pen applys electricity to the heater inside the cart, the heater vapes the extract. If you have a regulated power soure you can apply electricity in the correct format to power the cart. electronic-cigarette-2

You cart most likely wasn’t making electrical contact, in that case the circuit was broken, by connecting it with a paper clip you completed it allowing it to work. No doubt this cart was out of manufacturing tolerance.


Hash & Stuff: Electrickery 101 :heart: :cloud_with_lightning:


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What cart and battery is that?

Ceramic coil, top A level battery cell

Is this your brand?

I hate when my tip gets mental lol

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Is there 1ml versions

Yea. New!
The total length is less than 10cm

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Someone else hate plastic tip:joy:

Honestly, not for 1.0 yet

I was joking. The pic says “mental” tip not metal tip


Is there any way I can get samples of the 1ml version?
What is the cost for these ?

It’s A ODM project for 1.0ml. It takes time and money

Try 0.5ml first. If you satisfy, then we may can move forward the 1.0ml