Cartridge manufacturing - Packaging, Filling Machines, Cartridges and other equipment - START PRODUCTION TODAY

What I have up for sale is a bundle on commercial scale oil cartridge manufacturing equipment, packaging, and cartridges themselves as well. The list of equipment is as follows


X2 Shark 710 v7.1 filling machines (Fills 100 cartridges at a time automatically) - 18,000$ each

X3 Thompson and duke filling machines (Fills one at a time foot pedal operated) - 6,500$ each


X4 Convectium semi-automatic cartridge capper (caps 25 compatible Convectium, Ccell, or other snap on carts semi automatically) - 2,500$ each


Quantity 100,000 - Power Puff packaging - .25 cents each

Quantity 20,000 - Rare Fruits packaging - 3$ each

Quantity 200,000 - Sloth Sticks packaging - .25 cents each


Quantity 10,000 - Convectium .5ml (half gram) Cove cartridges with snap top leak proof design - 2.25$ each

In this listing I am putting up all the equipment it takes to mass produce cartridges I want to sell it as a bulk package and will take any offers but will also sell individually for people who want to get up and running. This also includes full guides and instructions on how to professionally manufacture cartridges included SOP’s and if necessary business model structuring including employee payment, time management, and quality control guides.


We’re open to hearing all offers and also if anyone needs any advice on cartridge manufacturing in general don’t hesitate to message me and I can provide any information.

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Sent pm about Thompson duke and cup machine would like to buy both thanks

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is the equipment and packaging still available

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Are the Thompson and duke machines still available?

I am interested in the thompson and duke

Hello, I am interested in the cartridge capping machines do they work for th210 style empty cartridges?
Also I am looking to start my own cartridge supply store for wholesale empty cartridges. My goal is to permanently end the status quo that has established this ridiculous notion that high quality cartridges cost between 1-3 dollars when in fact production costs in china are less than .10 per cartridge. The first step in this process is finding an empty cartridge patent/design that I can start to work with and then finding the correct factory in china to produce my cartridges. I have a budget of 100,000k to begin my wholesale cartridge supply company does anybody know where I can find such designs or such a factory? Just in the very initial stages of the project but I am expecting to be in china by the end of the month to meet with manufactures?

Where are you located? And do you have your own brand or ideas? We can help you to make it happen, DM me for more details.

Cost of the designs will depends on which package you want to choose, price is from $0.07 to $1.00 depends on how complicated the package it is.

Anyway, let me know your ideas so that we can keep the ball rolling.


Hello I’m looking for a solid packaging manufacturer for our High CBD carts do they offer custom packaging?

Hello, I am able to offer you solid and custom packaging for your carts.

PM me for details

Hello all! I work with a full service packaging house, where we can make a finished packaging product from concept to final product.
Located in Southern California, New World Packaging is capable of servicing every legal cannabis market.

We also have a stock of PPE competitively price, if anyone is having a hard time finding that.

Please feel free to reach me @

Hey friend, we’re an 9 year manufacturer for cbd carts, disposable vape pens, auto oil filling machines and custom packages.
we can do custom packaging ffor your carts. Pls DM me for details

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Email me

Email me

I would like to see what you guys are doing as far as packaging I work for about 12 different facilities

We are a family owned and operated business that started in the medical industry with my father over 30 years ago. We are now taking everything we do for our medical customer into the cannabis industry.
I would be happy to connect with you over email and schedule a call.

Feel free to contact me @ if you would like to discuss further, get more information, request pricing etc.

Thank you!!

Dm sir
we’re who you are hunting