Cartridge Bit For Screwing Caps On

A while back I ran into this drill bit for screwing caps on 510 thread carts. Now for the life of me I cannot find it. Anyone know what I am talking about?

vape bit from x.d

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I have only used one company and that thomspon Duke from Oregon. I could not give these guys a better review. I sent money orders and once they were received they shipped out the same day. You have to call them as it’s not on their website. Its operated by a foot pedal and it really easy to use and works with nearly all cartridges. They manufacturer everything themselves which is great.

This actually changes the game big time. Super cheap and easy for everyone to use. This sort beat the Thompson Duke imo

Oh dang that’s awesome

Do you need that board they sell also?

yes it squeezes the foam so the pens dont spin with the top