Cart making and boxing

First post so please excuse any unintended transgressions.

I found a solid connec in China, vapor365. Here’s the deal. Out of the detritus that is DHGate, there have to be diamonds in the rough, right? I mean there MUST be acutal, quality-focused, smart, business oriented cart and box manufacturers somewhere in China… I think I found one. Her name’s Krys.

This post will either go nowhere or somewhere random but I’ll venture forth nonetheless. I would like to help Krys. I think she’s good people. Right now they’re doing knock-offs. If you’re also starting off small, I recommend. I’m in Cali and got my shit delivered to the front door in under 48 hours. But they also do custom. I’m having her do my stuff, but I’m still relatively small time. She communicates well through WhatsApp and is super responsive. She’s still growing. As you can imagine, her business really tanked due to COVID. Just think if all of us had a sweet legit Chinese connec for boxing if nothing else…

Check out her DHGate site, vapor365, mind the ESL, and please tell me your thoughts. Would you support Krys? Why or why not? Advice for her? That kind of thing would be super sweet!

Love this site it’s been instrumental in my canna-business growth.




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This is a very real post.


Why not just have the packaging made here in America.

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Knock-offs? Is that a new brand? Custom too? Gotta get me some custom knock-offs!


All joking aside, how do you rate what you have already received from them? Have you had any carts tested after filling them yet?

Oh yeah, welcome to the future (4200)!

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Thanks! Just my own observations and dealings with other comapnies. I didn’t know you could test for cart strength, etc after filled. I’ll look into it.

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Lol we all gotta start somewhere :slight_smile:


Working on it, just making global friends as well. I buy everything I can locally and am trying to work with local places. I love qma’s carts but can’t find a good boxing source.

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So on the off chance that this thread has some potential…

CR Tins does Plus’ child resistant tins.

They’re European but have an LA branch and are doing my gummy tins. I’ll send a pic in a day or so. Looking to having them do my cart boxes as well.

I also have prototypes with David is super cool and has helped me with a sick design. That might take more time to post.

I’m interested in changing boxes/designs often, staying current with trends, etc. Kinda like what Alien Labs did with flower.

As solo-preneurs, we wear many hats. I’m thinking technical marketing for this thread. Do y’all have great, forward thinking, envelope-pushing packaging and marketing people?

I’m actually old school been doing this for decades (just dabbling here and there, but now I’ve found traction) so all this is new but my younger padawans are saying packaging is important.

Thanks again. BTW I communicate pretty heartfelt but I have degrees in astrophysics and math. Just no Chem :confused:

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Big simpin

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I’ve tried wading through the garbage on Alibaba before. I always came back to american based companies with chinese manufacturing. You don’t want to get bad carts. it is not worth saving $1 a unit when they are failing or even worse poisoning ppl and you have no one to hold accountable


Do you know what her turn around time is? Also has anyone here used shatter labels? Looking to get some cartridge and syringe boxes done

Great shipping but I think it’s due to DHGate’s shipping which is badass if you’re in Cali at least. Dunno how it ships elsewhere. She uses WhatsApp and is on constantly after 8pm. You can get any info you need.

I’m using to make some sick boxes. 70 cents or so. Initial poofing and production can take awhile (3-6 weeks) which is why I’m with vapor365. She also can do custom work which I’m looking into but that’s much slower.

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Or make your own.

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Great resource :+1:! Thank you!

ive been using for years. great packaging, they offer state specific labeling as well.