Cart Gun Issues

So the syringe gun I used which was in a 50 shot style didn’t work.

I talked with someone and they said a cart farmer design would work better. is this the case? As the issue I had with my 50 shot style is when sucking in it took a while and when I tried shooting it out it didn’t wanna shoot out at all. So would gettin a cart farmer fix this issue?

Being you built your own gun, I’m not sure anyone here can help you on that but yes buying a cart farmer would help you reduce the amount of issues you have filling.


100% replacing your homemade gun with a cart farmer will fix your issues.

Probably better to bump your old thread idk if we need a new topic every time u need to field a question about your Frankensteind machine


I have a conflict of intrest here, given that I sell cart farmers.

I think low tempurature is your issue, along with poorly sized check valves.

My system would fix those problems


Nice response,
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