Cart Farmer Air Bubble After Primed

I am currently filling carts with the cart farmer. This is my second time using the device. Last time I used it with no problems. This time I am noticing after I prime the filler and get all the air bubbles out of the reservoir I go to fill about 10 carts and a bubble appears in the reservoir again. Please help.

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Record it happening so we can see if it’s technique

Raise your tempurature


Ya. If your feedstock is too viscous youre gonna have issues.


I would bet it’s viscosity like @qma said. I usually set my heat controller to 90c depending on what I’m using.

Gotta fill them hot and fast. Keep it that hot for very long and it starts to darken on you


You were right, Im not used to heating the distillate up that hot. Although my china heat pad was at highest setting I had to warm up the distillate more. Could u recommend anything to check the temp like a heat gun?

Id be skeptical of burning off terps at that temp. I understand the oil inside the reservoir doesnt reach same temp as the heat pad. But even 70 celcius is about 150 farenhiet. Volatile terpenes begin to evaporate at just 110 farenheit. At 130 farenheit id be almost sure youre still losing a decent amount. If youre using Cannabis Derived Terps this can mean losing potentially 100s of dollars per 100 carts. Correct me if im wrong about temp tho.

Instead i run mine at about 40-45 celcius. Yes it slows the process down exponentially. But when the oil doesnt flow to the glass chamber, i usually take a heat gun and put it right next to the reservoir small intake hole for 3-5 seconds, then it flows.

You heat gun the cart farmer where the reservoir connects to the filling gun correct? Post a picture circling the part you heat Im interested in this tech

Yes youre correct. The 50 ml barrel part that screws onto the german syringe is where i heat.

Just because the reservoir temp is set at 90c doesn’t mean the oil is at that temperature. Residence time is what matters. I have used a heat gun around the barrel part as well.

I’ve found letting the system pre-heat distillate in it for 5min helps keep heating uniform. Also hold your luer and maybe the metal part of the barrel against your hot plate for 15-20 seconds if it ever seems likes theres excessive pressure in the barrel. Never force the gun, if its hard to depress find where distillate is cooling down