Cart Farm yearly status report (2023)

Company Name: Cart Farm
Factory or Trading Co: TRADING CO
Lead Time: 1-14 days
Type of Gaskets/O-rings used: Silicone (iCell, iCell +, iCell2, iCell3, gCell, gCell2, and Avurt)
Wick and Wire Material: Quartz (Gcell, gCell2) and Ceramic ((iCell, iCell +, iCell2, iCell3, and Avurt)
Quality Controls In Place: All carts are now factory sealed, and tracked for batch pulls and defect detection

Ok, now that we got that out of the way, I’d like to thank @god for raising the price of distillate back above the cost of carts. People were getting rediculously cheap, and I was having people hit me up for 60 and 70 cents carts so they could compete. I will never sell you a 2 dollar disposable, bruh.

In 2022, we released the iCell 2 and the k4 filler, started working with avurt for the highest possible quality disposables, and perfected the dual farmer.

This year we are releasing the iCell 3 and gCell2 after heavy testing nationwide last year.

The icell 3 is a 14mm diameter cartridge, and allows for an even WIDER range of extracts to be carted.

The gCell 2 is an updated quartz coil glass bodied cartridge that can now vape extracts that only the QBD could before. Since the gCell uses ptfe for sealing, it has the same high quality flavor expected from the QBD:

Now on to terps: Terp farm has released bubba kush, forbidden v, and pink hawaian. Our staples: Hawaiian Haze, Sour Lifter, Sour Special Sauce, Suver, Lifter, Electra, Incredible Hulk, and Cherry Limeade remain.


We are no longer collaborating with any terpene companies other than The ones terp farm used to work with started to use non-cannabis additives to some of their terps. I do not stand by that or abide it.


Sounds like you guys are doing great bro

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Thank you, I wish I could say the same about the distillate market, which has completely exposed the current state of affairs in cannabis.


Its trying to go up in Oklahoma. Trying

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damn I’d never looked closely at your profile pic before now


It encapsulates my personality splendidly


glad to see you are bringing more great products,and glad to be mentioned

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Any idea when youll have more of your child resistant packaging in?

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Ive had them in, ill update the inventory tomorrow


oh it went up. doubled in the last month for liters of disty

It’s that on or off or both?