Can't get this to suger

Having some issues getting a product to sugar up. Material started off fresh frozen. I did a 30 minute chill with dry ice on the material column. Recovered the butane with a warm water bath making sure to not get it to warm. Now here’s what gets me. Every other time I try to make a slab lately I have been posting off material and placing it in oven at 90. Pulling vac and gradually raising the temp up to 100 f flipping the slab every 12-24 hrs generally 3 flips and first after 12 second after 24 more hrs and a third after another 24 hrs. I pull her out and package it upafter72 hrs. Nor.aly by now though there is some nucleation and seperation when slabs were the goal. On this one a terp suger was the goal like the seperation I generally get on my slabs was the goal. I have had these slabs in the oven for going on a week now and it has minimal seperation. I tried letting vac off and raising the temp like some suggest for a few hrs when that didnt work I tried doing a little agitation and leaving that for a few hrs and that has not worked yet. If you good through a dog a bone I would be ever grateful. Iv tried the search. I tried what I found. Please help lol. This is just crazy i get it when i want slabs but when i want it it doesn’t happen. Sorry if I didnt do this right also if I didnt feel free to wack the post sorry to be a n nuisance

This worked well for me to force nucleate material


Thanks a bunch, how do you go about purging of pentane if you dont mind another badger

Take the oil out place in small mason jar, seal it with the lid. Walk away for couple days. The enclosed air tight space does something I’m noticing


Thanks StoneD that’s funny I was literally about to do just that. Been working and playing with this since 1 this morning reading and playing reading and playing. Going cross eyed reading at this point. Playing with the stuff is driving me nuts at this point. I was just going to by some paper towel and clean up some jars and say screw it. See what comes out. Notice I had a notification and you reassured that was wat should be done.

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Do you think I left it in the oven at sealed in the jar it would speed it up? Like a hot jar tek?

Most likely …but there is a point where u can keep the thca dissolved into the terps being to hot

If its live jar it up place it in cabinet. Itll happen overnight almost

To remove pentane just use a vac oven. I’ve never had an issue getting it out at reasonable temps.

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I’ve had success with two methods:

Full vac at >100F


1/3 vac at 97F

Don’t even touch the damn thing, pour it into a Pyrex, let it vent at atmospheric pressure/temp for a little, put it in the oven, let it reach temp, then pull vac.

When you purge, break it up, spread it evenly and full vac for 24hours at 90-95F.



Thankyou sir I appreciate it. One sat up and the other is still being goofy. It’s weird cuss normaly a day passed three in the oven and half the slab sugers up. This guy wanted it all sugar I say shit I can do that buddy happens when I dont want it to should be easy when I want it to. Nope couldn’t get these ones to for shit. Only difference was I bought a molecular Sieve.

I’m going to have to give this a whirl on some of my next personal product I run. Thanks for the pointer!

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“When you purge, break it up, spread it evenly and full vac for 24hours at 90-95F.”
When you say this are you leaving it in the pyrex? And prior to that how long are you leaving it in the oven under the 100 at full vac or 1/3 vac at 97? And third and I’m sorry for all the questions how thick are you poaring it in the pyrex?

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Hey, all good questions.

  1. yes, I’ll leave it in the same Pyrex for my purge to offset transfer losses.

  2. timeframe varies depending on THCa content of plant material. Super potent strains will drop out pretty quickly (1-2 days), stubborn material might take up to 5.

  3. Finally, I won’t pour more than about an inch, and it should be syrupy when you pour.

I use 5” x 9” Pyrex.


I just bump the temp up to 110 and purge for 24 hours and almost always get sugar if the product doesn’t have alot of contaminants, using an acidic color adsorbent will also help with nucleation.


Thankyah kindly are you pulling full vac at 110? And do you do that right away or flip a few times and ramp it up?

Thankyou greatly for the response. Sorry for the delay I do appreciate it though

usually purge at full vac around 90f until it stops muffining up, the turn the vac down to around -15inHg and tmp up to around 105-110f and in two to three days its sugar and if its really terpy you’ll get terp layers like you do with diamonds.

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