cannot find a 5liter digital mantle with 1599 watt power

I am putting together my 5liter shorpath setup. I am able to find most of it easily. I cannot however find a 5liter digital heating mantle that has a 1500 watt power draw so as not to take forever to heat the crude. Any links or known sellers would be greatly appreciated

There is a point where you need real power to scale. I wired my whole facility with 240 and 120. That will only take me so far till 3-phase is then required.

You’re pretty much stuck with 2L system from what I can tell.

Colombo labs got me hookedup. We ran 220 for the chillers and pumps

Interesting. I would be curious how well that works and how fast it can heat comparatively.

the mantle is 1500 watts and Colombo suggested it will get to temp quickly