Cannifest OKC April 2nd, Cannifest Chicago April 9-10

Anyone attending either of these shows?

I will be hanging out at the Humboldt Seed Company booth and Immaculate Seeds booth for both of these shows. OKC April 2nd, Chicago April 9-10.
Please stop in and see me. Pre orders of seeds and clones for either show can be accommodated and will include a discount. All HSC Clones will be available at the booth, the rest of our genetics will be at the Immaculate seeds booth.

Buy Cannabis Clone Menu - Current.pdf (46.6 KB)

Immaculate Seeds Menu 3-8.pdf (919.7 KB)

First 10 members who find me recieve 10 free Blueberry Muffin seeds and 2 free Clones of your choice!

Looking forward to connecting with everyone!


We’re ships passing in OKC. I’m be leaving CannaCon on the 2nd. If you’re in town, Friday night, we’re having a little sesh at Xtractor Depot.


I’ll be checking it out see you there.


Not sure of my travel plans yet…but if I’m in town Friday I will need to participate in one of those notorious hugs of yours…


im gonna plan a party for chicago cannifest.

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what do you look like-

I may wear that with a need job sign

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I’ll be there for sure. Going to be a great time!


@thumper walking around in this with a job wanted sign would certainly make this event worth the price of admission :joy:

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Ill be at cannifest wearing a red Make America Stoned Again hat

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What times that start?

It starts at 10:00, but fortunately I’ll be out of here long before then


Setting up a booth?

Dropping some plants for a couple different vendors. Then I’ll be heading out towards St Louis


Humboldt cut selections will be available at the Humboldt seeds booth, and everything else will be available at the Immaculate Seeds booth


I was asking for hansel at the booth but they dont know your alias. I saw you selling cheebas gear lol I shoulda been more wary at the hsc booth mentioning im thumper it may have been an unfriendly encounter.
My wook was trailing me and distracting me a bit or id spend more time on teh upper floors. i shouldve met the movers and shakers but a guy from ok had a bunch of rosin and a device to smoke my diamonds and then he got a deep dish pizza so I got distracted. Thca makes me paranoid- in the end i did get paranoid that people near me were feds or something= paranoia but it did seem strange when a guy older than me said he got late and wanted more conversions to cbd o and shit? made the hairs on my neck stand. feds dont care about closet growers but they do not like conversions. Also- im sure the humboldt crew had fire weed. It was 3 levels so I just didnt get in on the growers sesh because i was eating pizza on the other floor. my buddy with the little white dog had the impression that the real party was at the hyatt hotel

also Im respectful enough to understand to not try and get high off the speakers. I shouldve called joe to get me in. alot are prolly doing that. I hope nat doesnt see that= his daughter is hotty. His wife must be too because he doesnt look like that= jk lmao I did fuck up by not going back up to the hsc seminar. I had to go out to put the clones away and get a beer. then it was pizza and dabs. Im in burbs and here- i dont think they can do this thing but in chicago openly smoking and selling clones is all good= until they mention conversions at a natural delta 9 thc festival/ This was cannifest, not hemp fest.

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THe closest to a job was as an influencer= I messed with those nerds, I told them i got more views and they were looking at their phones trying to figure out who I am. They literally had an influencer contest but thankfully I missed it completely. I even witnessed some fake influencer who set up at a table without being part of it an they kicked him out.

Sorry to tell you there thumps Joe wasn’t there Nat wasn’t there nobody of any real importance was there at least for Humboldt…
However Immaculate Seeds slaid it and good for them!

I may be mistaken, but I know things would have gone a little bit easier on my end had one of those guys been around

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I know they werent there but the whole event didnt have a ton of people. They did a fake thing where it sold out but it wasnt busy at all

Yeah, so I have heard. Plus I also found out about the division between canncon and cannfest this past weekend! I was waiting at the convention center for an exhibition that wasn’t happening until Aug, the end of…