Cannabis terps clean up help

Hey everyone i just grabbed some co2 cannabis derviced terpenes and they smell amazing. We are going to be using them with our cbd carts to give a true cannabis experience that is fully compliant. The one thing I have noticed is a small ampunt of lipids or fats at the bottom of the jars and in wondering what is the best way to remove them. I may just leave them in there as its quite minimal. Looking forward to sharing these at the glg meet up in California. Im going to get cannabinoid and terpene tests to see the quality and get feedback from the terp lords @Betroit and @drjackhughes :slight_smile: i missed out on their last batch and hopefully will be on the next.

Amnesia cookies

Sour diesel is next to perfect

Lemon kush is quite cloudy

Blue dream

Hindu kush

Better photo of them all from the side

From the top


prehaps a cold crash? fallowed by filtering with a vacuum flask with a regulated shallow vacuum depth??? not really sure havent ran into this problem

my gut tells me you dont wana dilute with etoh, as removing the EtOH will prolly remove the lower BP terps as well


You are correct, ethanol will ruin it. A small centrifuge would do the trick


that would be dope! terpfuge! lol

if you vacuum flask it throw a cold trap between your flask and pump to catch anything!!

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Send them through a syringe filter maybe?


good idea!

cold crash → syringe filtration


Worth a shot!

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lets all take a second to appreciate that pun!! LOL


The lemon kush looks like it may still have some water on it. Try freezing it and pouring off your terpenes into another vessel

Have you done any analytics? I’d be curious to see a terpene analysis and potency. What’s the viscosity?

Going to get some testing done on it today. Thank you everyone for the help. Im going to free and pour off. There seems to be a big lack of terpenes testing so im going to send it back to MA to my lab. Hopefully will have the results next week. The viscosity is pretty thin.

What did they test at? Did freezing and pushing through a syringe filter help?