Cannabis Specific, Manufacturing Focused Software - What features do you want to see?

F42k family!

As you you all know there is a serious need for purpose built software for labs and infused product manufacturers. I wanted to open up the conversation and see what is working for people and what isn’t. Are there any features you’d like to see but aren’t getting? Please let me know!

I wanted to introduce another solution, Kanha CMS, and open up for any questions you may have as the publicly available information is very light. Kanha is now expanding nationally and I wanted to give you guys more information on how you can check it out.

Let me tell you guys a bit about myself and the founder briefly for context, I’ll expand on some basic features of the software, and end with information about how you can get setup with a remote demonstration.

I’ve been consulting in the space since graduating CU Mech Eng in 2013. I was blessed with the opportunity to cut my teeth under some amazing individuals to start my career, notably Kind Bill and Tierra Rojo, and got to watch the evolution of live resin and the industry in general. It’s been an amazing ride and I’m very fortunate and grateful to have tagged along. I founded Delta 9 Design a manufacturing company of lightweight hydrocarbon extraction equipment and have been enjoying this amazing community Dustin put together. Thank you [@Future]. Basically, I’m familiar with the needs of processors, and was very impressed when I first met Orland and was introduced to his platform Kanha.

Orland is an Ex-Microsoft exec, and founder and CEO of Softbase. They work on massive projects for government agencies, I believe the last one was a system to sort and send every single unemployment check in CO, so he has experience with massive systems and always delivers on time. He took a look at the cannabis space and noticed a massive gap in solutions for processors so he started Kanha with the intent of plugging that gap. Kanha is now about 3 years old. Here’s a quick summary below

Kanha’s platform is specifically designed for Manufacturers of Infused Products and essentially automates countless manual-tasks your employees perform while giving you insight and control into the metrics and KPIs you want to see. It helps to automate and manage everything in your cannabis manufacturing buisness from Purchasing, Inventory, Manufacturing, and even Sales and CRM. The depth and breadth of the platform is impressive and enables effortless GMP compliance and keen insight into the real heart beat of your buisness.

Kanha has a great community of clients and they are always coming up with new features and functionality that the dev team implements almost weekly. In my opinion this is one of the most important aspects of a software team is their ability to build new functionality quickly and efficiently and a testament to the solid foundation built by these guys. Adding functionality to software that was not originally intended from the beginning is very difficult unless you have the foresight to build it right! This is where Kanha excels, if you can imagine it they can build it and they will work with you to make that happen. This is one of a few major reasons why I have adopted Kanha as my platform of choice for consults and I’d like to invite you all to consider doing the same.

If anybody is interested in a remote demo of the platform please reach out to me via DM or email with some information about your operation. Also for all the GLG gang members we will have an upcoming announcement here soon! Stay tuned

Anyways I just wanted to open up the conversation and see what is working for people and what isn’t. Are there any features or functionality that you’d like to see in a software platform but aren’t getting?

Thanks again! Have an amazing week ! :call_me_hand:t4:


These guys are soon to be GLG affiliated and their software is legit, I did a full demo and it was smooth, functional, and intuitive :call_me_hand:t3:


Is this a “seed to sale” software that works with METRC my bro?


Yes it is! Integrated with METRC and Quickbooks currently with a few more integrations on the way. Anything in particular you’d like to see?


Thank you @Future for the honest feedback!

There is some really awesome functionality in the works, excited for everyone to have the opportunity to check it out. I’m really curious of all your guys feedback :call_me_hand:t4:

How about Automatic Tax Calculations for CA specifically? That was released recently and is saving people a bunch of time and hair. Is anybody else out there struggling with tax calculations in CA?


Appreciate the feedback @Future!

Orland Yee of Kanha is a scam artist. Conceded, lying, racist. He wears 20 year old Microsoft shirts that are 3 sizes to big in an attempt to scam people that he is still a part of Microsoft.

Get a new wardrobe, quit scamming people, and your software is complete trash.