Cannabis Science Conference: Long Beach May 19-20

Meet me in Long Beach, CA next week for this great gathering of the minds.

Use code: CSC25 for 25% off!

Personal note: I’ll be the EmCee of the Hemp/CBD room on Day 2. I’m insanely close to an interview with Montel (Key note speaker) for the podcast. Wish me luck!


@AlexSiegel is going to be an exhibitor! Looking forward to seeing your booth!


The Pigment Tracker will be at CSC west with this booth. We’ll have a raffle for a free tracker both days.

I will also be at the Extractor Depot event on that Friday night


Outstanding, Alex! See you there. Carbon Chemistry has a nice Airbnb. Are you free Thursday night?!Plus ones must have mermaid hair.


are you gonna mention how people on here dissed him for no reason?

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I will be there as well!
Bringing a ton of stainless, a gummy machine, and automation equipment.


I’m about it. Please take a minute to have a chat. I’ll either have a booth or be kind of roaming kind of stalker-like with a microphone.

I should interview montel because im genuine and i used to watch his tv show. if the real montel staff wants me there ill fly out.

I was very excited when he posted. It was when we learned that it wasn’t him posting that it felt spammy. I think the actual Montel would be very welcome here.

I forgot this was coming up so soon. I might have to try and make it last minute. I’ve got a 25% off coupon I got from Josh in Florida I’ll share here if I can find it.

EDIT: CSC25 for 25% off . See y’all there.
EDIT2: Cat already posted it up top!


Nobody dissed Montel, they dissed his staff for pretending to be him on here.

Seems like a decent reason to me.


When I was in 10th grade Montel came to my school to talk about anti drug campaign. This was about 7 years before he had a talk show. He asked us kids to raise our hands if we smoked cannabis. I raised my hand…he called me out in front of 300 other kids and told me what a fool I was to consume cannabis. I know he’s down with cannabis now, but that shit wasn’t cool back then.

@Sidco_Cat maybe you could ask him how long he’s endorsed cannabis use and why he wasn’t cool with it back then? I’d really like to know


I would like to thoughtfully ask him about it. We’ve all changed over the years, I certainly have. I’m not much for gotcha questions, but I do like to keep it real.


I love your style. I wouldn’t want to put him on the spot. I’m very grateful he had a change of heart with cannabis use. I guess having ptsd from 30+ years of working with this remarkable plant makes one skeptical when those who were against it now are for it. I’m working on letting that all go. Maybe it will take me 30 more years to get over it.


This is good stuff. Very real. If I have a chance to sit with him, I will try to get it in. I will let you know.