Cannabis oil gramming machine

Does anyone know of any BHO/Dab/Oil gramming machines in development or production?

I’m talking about a machine/robot that can take BHO from a large batch and scale into small jars for resale. A Unicorn.

Thank you


Yes. Won’t know if it works till I try it though…

Made by the same folks who made the cart filler we’ve got.

See: Automated Cart Filler - #5 by thesk8nmidget


Yes. prototype is built and is in the testing stage. engineer said in theory it will do 15,000 grams a day. packaged. Another add on will be it will cap with a labeler adding top sticker bottom sticker and lid wrap.


Man. So many variables in texture and stickiness with oil. I’d be amazed if a machine could ever pull this off.

I had a gal who worked for me for a couple years who was more or less a machine. Maybe 75ish grams an hour. Including folding the parchment and getting it into the envelope/packaging.

She eventually started to complain about wrist pain/tendinitis. I thought she was soft. So I tried an 8 hour a day. And man… everything wrong my shoulder down ached within 3ish hours. Crazy how easy it is to underestimate how hard some jobs can be til yiu really give it a go


Yeah I was thinking the same thing. The volume of an extract is gonna vary based on the consistency.

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But if u could get a machine to push out thca crystals and terpenes consistently then all you have to do is get some “priming” grams to get it right. I guess that would assume the extract was properly homogenized before it went into the machine, and thats a whole nother puzzle to solve

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It could be most feasible with diamonds or distillate. I don’t think it will be widely adopted though as it’s easier to hire a wook.

Half of you own cart farmers and you are stumped


If you can produce diamonds and a syrup of live resin, then add diamonds then squirt in some syrup!

I recently had the idea, of a fill your own soda dispenser (like,f_auto,q_auto:best/newscms/2018_34/1362969/sodas-in-cans-versus-fountain-today-square-180824.jpg ) for live resin syrup for carts and jars.

Gotta chime in amigo… There is nothing easy about hiring wooks!!


More so having a human work then an AI as AI, usually can’t correct or recognize most mistakes like a human can.

For sure. Just had me thinking about the year I brought in an Asian trim crew for my outdoor… they were working 12 hour days at this bunk house I had on site… and their only issue was they kept blowing out the kitchen counter fuse by plugging in too many rice cookers… meanwhile… all the wooks were demanding organic food… ipa’s, ketamine, coke, complaining about bin distribution, etc. Never went back to hiring dreadies.


Not to mention cutting off work at 5ish to go to shows, make bonfires, smoking as much weed as possible, etc.

Buttt… thr allure of sexy dready trimmers coming to work your site is a powerful force to contend with. Grungy dreadies from spain with a more burner vibe. Cleaner classier dreadies from argentina… a couple Uruguayan ladies stick out in my mind… and then your standard American hippy chick pretending to be poor who secretly calls her rich parents in Florida to deposit a couple gs into her account every couple weeks.


Im sorry but that made me bust out laughing lmao

Of all things, rice cookers

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What’s the price looking like for something like that? And let us know how it goes I’m sure a bunch of people are interested!

Yeah… we want the feedback ^^

I want a magic any consistency grammer

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Haha good point. It doesn’t seem super feasible

If it was easy it’d be already made.

No Heat added plunging of multiple consistencies? lmk!


any development on this yet?

If it worked well, we’d a heard about it by now. Either that, or @cyclopath is still modifying it :joy: