Cannabis License in Colombia for sale

Hi Guys, we are selling our Cannabis company In Colombia. We just received the licenses, so it´s ready to start adjusments.

The company has 2 cultivation licenses and 1 transformation license granted.

  1. Non-Psychoactive cannabis cultivation license
  2. Psychoactive cannabis cultivation license
  3. License to manufacture cannabis derivatives.

The land of the company is approximately 7 Acres, it is under a 5-year leasing contract. The annual rental cost is approximately 2500 usd / year. The place is 1 hour away from the city of Medellin.

Info at

If you have questions abou it, please feel free to ask.



Maybe throw some pictures up of the farm, the property, buildings on property, any equipment, and any things that you think might be good sales points…
Also, I would post the price that you are looking to get for the farm, that way it lets people know if it’s worth it without bothering you by DM’ing you to death



“What’s the cost of protection again, McAfee?” I kid, I kid lol


The place is still without constructions, it can be adapted according to the needs of each company, the average temperature is 18 Celcius all year round (there are no seasons). The soil has a lot of organic matter.

The security conditions are very good.


But REALLY… Which cartel do we have to get in bed with to purchase this farm? Probably shouldn’t use the sarcastic feature because I’m not exactly being sarcastic!


Wow. Pictures do it justice. Very cool.

Places near big cities like Medellin are safe, you dont need to pay nothing except the legal leasing for the land.


Interested. Will send email for details. Very interesting opportunity! Wish you luck.


Did you get quotes/plans for what it would take to build a facility capable of EU GMP certification?

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I can’t imagine you can run a marijuana farm an hour outside Medellin without paying somebody some protection money. Pablo may be dead, but…


well. it dependens how big you want to opperate, the type of extraction you want to do, post-process etc. but in general we have some quotations about construction, equipments and salaries.

You stayed living on television in the 80s. Visit Colombia and inform yourself.


You can thank narcos for that :joy:


Yes, I watched the news through the 80’s…the 90’s…the 2000’s …2010’s.

Current US embassy in Columbia warning to US travelers.


The regulations and compliance works different down this way.

@JuanValdez I think @SISU was implying have you gotten quotes on buildings that will give you the capability to start exporting or is compliant for distribution as medicinal cultivation/ manufacturing.


100%. Most Columbian deals end in tears because of lack of proper planning. INVIMA’s GMP, CUMCS’ GACP, then EU GMP are generally the steps.

It’s viable to compete with the likes of Clever Leaves/etc, but the cannabis export market is smaller and more competitive than most think. And with domestic EU production coming online the need for imported product will decrease.

Completely ignorant on hemp export regulations though, very interested to read up on those. Probably massive opportunity there.


You are right SISU , the export market is very competitive, even so in South America, Colombia currently has favorable legislation on the production and export of cannabis.
The subject of hemp (industrial) is still little explored in Colombia due to the few varieties that exist for the tropics.

Many things to develop and work yet.

Why are you guys selling? You intended to sell after getting licensed or…?


Do you have the agronomic testing unit licence ?

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