Cannabis Laboratory Fundamentals (for analytical labs)

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Do you have any free pages to view the content? Looks like a great read

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The book is available for pre-order only at this time. Hard cover and e-book should be available ~Jan 2021 at which point sample pages should be viewable. Here is the chapter list from the TOC:

  1. An Introduction to Cannabis Laboratory Safety and Compliance Testing
  2. Laboratory design and planning
  3. Laboratory Safety from Site Selection to Daily Operation
  4. Preparing Cannabis Laboratory Business License Applications
  5. ISO/IEC 17025 and the Cannabis Analytical Laboratory
  6. Quality, Laboratory Management, and Staffing
  7. Laboratory Information Management Systems
  8. Pesticide and Mycotoxin Detection and Quantitation
  9. Cannabinoid Detection and Quantitation
  10. Utilizing GC-MS and GC Instrumentation for Residual Solvents in Cannabis and Hemp
  11. Elemental Analysis of Cannabis and Hemp
  12. Quantitative Terpene Profiling from Cannabis Samples
  13. Laboratory Safety and Compliance Testing for Microorganism Contamination in Marijuana

Looking at the chapter list, it seems like the book is written mostly from the point of view of an analytical testing lab. Is this correct?

EDIT: Doh, just read the description from Amazon. Yes this book is focussed specifically on cannabis TESTING labs.