Cannabis Lab Jobs Site

Hello everyone!

I am working on a new project to help connect prospective cannabis lab workers with employers. Previously I worked for a chemist for about 10 years and now I work as a professional software developer.

My goal is to create a platform that is free to use and is a means for directly connecting job seekers with employers. I want this to be free for job seekers and free for job posters, with the focus of the platform being on laboratory analysis and botanical extraction (both areas I have direct real world experience with).

So I am reaching out to the community to ask, what do you want to see in such a platform?

Part of my motivation for doing this is to exclude the middlers from this process - no headhunters, agencies, or companies charging people to post jobs. Especially those who are from outside of this industry and just want to pad their own pockets. I simply want to create a direct connection between job poster and job seeker.

Currently, I want to create a directory where people can make an account and either search for a job or offer their consulting services. For consulting, I want to implement some type of vetting or referral process so there is some accountability. I would be happy to hear from the community any insight on how to best implement this consultant vetting feature.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to drop a comment!