Cannabis Derived Terpenes THC %

With Indiana only allowing 0.3% D9 and below per gram, I was curious if Cannabis Derived Terpenes are within that range of D9 THC or if it has any THC in general inside to have to worry about legalities with it. I looked around for this type of question and didn’t find anything.

Stay Safe and Dangerous my Friends.


Most steam distilled terpenes will be close to ND.


Our CDTs usually are ND levels. They are not steam distilled and have very little, if any cannabinoids. You can check out the available strains at T

I’ve extracted hundreds of liters of low pressure, low temperature Hydro steam extract terps, never had a hot COA
We just added Wedding Cake to the inventory today! Definitely not hot, but absolute fire :fire:


Thats definitely a lie because I tested terps I purchased from you and they were hot for thc

2RL20072806-02 - Incredible Hulk.pdf (229.4 KB)


Aloha QMA I still have the COA from your batch here it is :sunglasses:

This is the COA from the exact batch you received from me
Could you please post the COA from the liter of Incredible Hulk k that I sent you so that we can see, :pray:


I also still hold the retention sample from your batch, once you post your COA and confirm, there’s a discrepancy we can send the retention sample to a third-party lab that we agree upon to settle any discrepancy


These are the original COAs from the Incredible Hulk extraction before Terpene extraction, and after terpene extraction. Most of the cannabinoid’s were decarb, but remained in the extracted material. Very unlikely that the amount of THC originally in the material would have ended up in the terpenoid essential oil. It takes about 350 pounds of fresh flowers for 1 L of terpenoid essential oil.

So fellow community scientific, budiologist, what’s your verdict hot or not???



The first COA says 0.6% d9 and the second is below LOQ. Knowing LOQ would help.

But that d9 went somewhere and I’m betting it isn’t into thin air.

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THCA(%wt.) × 0.877+∆9THC(%wt.) The percentage by weight of THCA is multiplied by 0.877 to account for the weight lost during the decarboxylation process. When that acid group comes off as CO2 gas. So to answer your question if you consider CO2 Finnair, then yes it is now thin air

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Oh shit. Sorry. I didn’t see the little ‘a’.


I guess technically you could considered these CDTs since the biomass was over.3% :thinking: I wonder if this is how all hemp bois are marketing their “CDTs”

For those interested in REAL next level cannabis terps hit up @Betroit, his new line of hydrocarbon method CDTS are fucking insane :exploding_head: lemon Fritter was without a doubt the best terps I’ve ever tried :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


Lol, I guess so, although all hemp is cannabis, but not all cannabis is hemp. In general, a level of about 1% THC is considered the threshold for cannabis to have a psychotropic or intoxicating effect. But the problem arises when more than 0.3% THC ends up in a product due to inconsistent production, quality testing and labeling.
We just call our license, hemp varieties, common, and then our traditional line exotics.
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Hell yeah @Octave those definitely sound good as fuck! but honestly after trying the new CDT line from @Betroit I doubt I’ll ever buy from anywhere else again, that shit was fucking insane :exploding_head:

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Sounds great, I think they work with Dr. Jack, Wyeth Callaway, right? Good friend of mine, love the work those guys are doing for sure. Well if you get adventurous order a sample pack of our latest work love to hear your feedback.


Which ones on his site are apart of the new line?

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@Betroit @TheWillBilly

Cherry Garcia, Lemon Fritter are two I recognize :wink:
I assume whatever has the same post date as those. (Time stamp, if visible)

My guess?

Og Kush
Sherbert Pie
Based on order from newest to oldest on

:sweat_smile: idk tho and honestly, but I know two for sure are fire xD

OG kush
Lemon fritter
Tropicana skunkrise.
Cherry garcia. Ran out a couple days ago
Newest newest
Tropicana cherries
Power stone