Cannabis Cultivation Entry Level Positions- MI

Positions are for cannabis finishing and cultivation in a small state licensed indoor cultivation facility. We have around 250 flowering lights currently and a staff of 15.

All positions are entry level and will include orientation and training. Any prior experience will be assessed and will be a part of compensation negotiation.
Positions are scheduled 7AM-3PM Monday through Friday, starting pay is $15.00 per Hour.
There are both full time (40 hour week) as well as part time (20-25 hour week) positions available.
Benefits available after a probationary period and 6 months of full time employment.
Applicants must pass background check.

Job duties include handling cannabis plants and products at all stages of development.
Finishing duties: Debud and trim cannabis flowers, making prerolls, packaging and sales prep, general facility sanitation.
Cultivation duties: Defoliation at all stages of development, transplant, irrigation and IPM, harvest.

Applicants can email resume or information to:

PS. I know this may seem like a low entry level for cannabis but i assure you this is a standard for where we are in the industry and country. This is entry level with room for growth. I know you can make more with a tent in your basement! thats awesome! we are looking for people that want to work in the legal side with regular schedules and direct deposits and health insurance and the like. Thanks for looking!


Where at in MI?


Your labor costs are out of control. I could do that with 5 people, a manager/administrator, and contract trim crew.


#jobsecurity :money_mouth_face:


Sorry should have put that in the description! we are located in west michigan, Kalamazoo.


thats great you have a different process! we love our cost per lb and yield per month right where we are at! if you can turn 300+ LB flower a month with 5 people im sure you can sell your SOPs to some big name MSOs!!!


I played the VC consulting game for a while. I still make several times that on the medical side because I’m personally invested in the people and property and have to run a lean business with smart use of labor.

People don’t realize acquisition of good talent is the hardest part and you’re going to have a hard time doing that at $15/hr. A contract trim crew reduces liability, saves money and is a potential talent pool for dedicated folks looking to get their foot in the door.

EDIT: I’m in the area and added you on IG. I hope we could possibly chat in person at some point. Have a great day.


This is why I start designing automated equipment

Chads want to pay $15 an hour.

The only thing $15 an hour extraction people are qualified to do is push a button

So I made stuff where all you have to do is push a button.

You also have to have shift managers that make more than the $15 and a overall manager that makes more than the shift and then a director for the extraction portion and a compliance person and a packaging crew that also has shift leads.

These are all jobs the $15 an hour people can move into and then onto other companies to actually make a living wage.

I don’t mind that people look for these entry level hires. I very much mind when these entry level hires are required to have anything but the ability to lift 50 lbs a day. I think even a GED/HS Diploma is too much to ask for when it is truly entry level. $15 an hour will very soon be the national minimum wage and asking people to work in hazordous environments for the same pay as being a burger flipper is pretty crazy but that’s just my altruism talking.


Lol noooooo.


would love to chat!
we tried a trim crew for a while and the cost vs. output was nowhere near where we wanted it. if you have a better/more reliable trim crew we would love to try it out.
we also twist up like 30-50K prerolls every month, that adds a ton to the labor but helps us sell all the smalls at the same price as the A grade flower.
we determined it was better to have in house finishing crew working all week to get the best trim quality and best prerolls.

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100% these employees are not expected to have any skills upon hiring and are not required to take accountability for much as far as work goes. we dont require a GED/diploma to trim weed with us. there is absolutely room for advancement from the base wage with time, effort, knowledge, hard work, etc.

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Theres a 12.7hr twister t4 for sale on metro Detroit craigslist for 5k. It hasnt been cleaned, I’d offer 4500 tops, as long as the barrel is true and not dinged.


i have nothing to add, but this statement bears repeating


Prerolls selling better than extracts up there these days?

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Yea the preroll market is around 20% of our sales (give or take), extracts do ok but carties are super hot rec items.
we produce flower prerolls and send our trim to extraction.
Lab buildout incoming, so no more trades.


I do lab build outs for rec markets. Specifically hydrocarbon and ethanol systems and their needed ancillary infrastructure

I have a few wholesale accounts so I pretty much pay for my own consulting fees with equipment savings


We have planting technology that can increase the effective content of cannabis

do you buy food that robots cook? where i live people overpay and tip on top for human service.

No,I like to make it myself,Thanks

what planting tech increases the effectivity of cannabis? Is it a SOP for sale? I am responding because for some reason this was at the top of my page?