Cannabis Crude Oil Composition

Hello. I am new to this forum and the cannabis industry so I hope to learn a lot from some of the more experienced people on this thread. Hopefully I will be able to offer my own insight one day too. I am recently graduated chemical engineer that is just starting in the distillate industry.

Anyways, the reason why I am here today is I was looking into creating a simulation for our distillation process. For those of you that are familiar with process simulation, I was planning to use ChemSep software but was having some complications. My main issue is I am unaware of the entire composition of my crude. I have already created compounds such as THC and CBD into ChemSep, but I am having trouble identifying exactly what it is we are separating from. We use an ethanol extraction process, but because we react before we distill, there shouldn’t be any residual ethanol within the crude. I am not looking for a specific amount just an idea of what these compounds are so I can develop a trend to hopefully alter our yieldages.

This should help.



don’t Chemists usually reserve that word for something special?
most of us are “distilling” off the ethanol…(or other solvent)

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There is no reaction regarding ethanol extraction. A reaction is where you have some transfer or electrons and bonds are either formed or broken. The ethanol dissolves the cannabinoids and such, but there is no reaction

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Maybe hes referring to decarb reaction and consituents were separating during cannabinoid distillation?

Possibly a reference to the use of a reactor for decarb/devol? That was at least how I interpreted it.

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