Cannabis Brand Trademarks Registered by Chinese Suppliers

We recently came across a list of brands and companies in cannabis that had their Trademarks (TM’s) registered in China. I presume this is without their knowledge, as this also happened to us by a Chinese factory we had never even worked with.

These marks were filed within the past month.

Some of the brands are fairly big. Actually most are:

Greenlane, Cookies, Verano, Trulieve, Moxie, Jetty, Blue River, Bloom Farms, Bloom Brand, Medipharm, Etc.

The question is, why???


Really great to see CUSTOMER on this list. Nobody deserves the hassles of fraudulent Chinese IP claims, especially the hardworking folks at CUSTOMER.

Great company, great people, sad to see anything happen.


Sounds like they may be positioning themselves for a legal takeover.

As of 2017, Chinese companies have 309 out of the 606 patents filed around the world that relate to cannabis: China Is Blaming Canada For Its Cannabis Problem But Is Producing 50% Of The World's Supply

i got cookies packaging from china. I guess it wasnt a trademark violation?


winnie the pooh is in the public domain now, just need to integrate it into every weed brand’s branding


Did china steal thumper yet?

no, just bambi. thumper is a disney property


how many years can they own it?

95 years I think, so when 2037 rolls around you can be the thumper

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thats when my pension comes in so i dont plan on being alive.

This is my theory…


so maybe its the legit trademark owners covering their asses to be able to export out of china?

That was my initial thought until I did some asking around and found out that several brands are unaware of this and already looking into legal action.

But either way, it is a smart strategy to prevent such potential problems if you use China. I mention this for vape as China has a death grip on manufacturing for e-cig.

thats funny- legal action against china. Its communist so all the business is govt owned right??? suing china LOL

No. Sorry, that isn’t communism dude. :joy:

Private companies are allowed to exist in China and many American companies have registered offices here that are wholly-owned.

China isn’t that much different and has embraced their own form of capitalism for the past 40 years.

Our company is 100% owned in China, as an American citizen, I must pay local taxes, provide employee pension, etc.


I didnt mean to be rude. I dont understand how it works in China.

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What site is this from?

I have a Chinese law firm who is fighting an illegal squatter (factory) that has illegally filed and registered my AVD Trademark in China. I’m the legal owner of the AVD trademark in America since 2018.

They sent me the following list of new TM’s that have been filed recently that are related to American cannabis companies. This can only be found by doing a TM search by a Chinese law firm.

I have already contacted several of the brands and they were unaware of this happening. Naturally, because this isn’t public knowledge, most brands have no clue what is going on.

The factory that has filed all these TM’s is an old factory I had contracted in the past that is now working directly with my old distributor (Next Level Ventures: DBA), who continues to use my AVD brand without my permission on certain products. This factory is also currently being sued by Smoore in China for patent infringement.

Many of these brands, have no association with this factory. For example, STIIIZY is made by ALD.


its strange to me- I can be sued and lose in some foreign country without me knowing? Obviously theyll never be paid. if I was a china company id just change brands if its an in demand product. Im obviously very incompetent at international trade law. You guys are thinking much bigger than me. I get my china led and somehow it says that it costed like 30 dollars?