Canadian Genetics


We are about a month away from recieving our Health Canada licesnse for our nursey and cultivaion builds.

We are planning on collecting as many seeds and genetics as possible to bring into the legal market. In Canada you have a short window of time to ‘register seeds/clones’ on your initially application when it successful.

I was hoping to make some good connections with some breeders that can supply 20-50 seeds per strain. There is no limit on the volume we can submit, only a timeframe.

hit me up if you have some awesome gear, we always reconize the breeder and where the strain comes from, We will maintain the name of the strain if possible. (HC has out lawed some terms)

We are truly looking for an amazing 1:1 (15% thc: 15% cbd) and other unique minor cannabinoid combos.



I have some good genetics and work in the Canada as well. If I supply you with some killer genetics from my MMAR would you be willing to transfer to the LP I’m currently working with ?


I sent you a DM, HSC genetics are available in Canada.

I have some contact info for you if needed.

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yes, we should be able to do that, there would be small cost assocatied with that - mainly labour and QA for the intake portion of the seeds we will bring in, then just paper work to get them to you.

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