Canada THC Distillate

how much is a liter of distillate going for in Canada?

LP to LP, ballpark figure of ~$2500-$3000 per kg if buying in bulk. Not sure on the price for a single kg though.

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W hat do you mean by " LP to LP "? thanks

LP = licensed producer. He means price varies between companies you’re buying from.

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thanks, that’s what I thought

They are also specifying that this pricing is in the legal market.

I’ve seen much lower pricing in the legal market, 1700-2500/kg depending on volume and potency. 92% flies off the shelf and goes for a lot more than 75%, which sits around forever

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I’m not well versed with the canada with the canada market but I have seen litres go for 1500 - 2000 in the USA.

Why is the pricing in Canada higher?

Aren’t people converting CBD isolate to d9 there?

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I know a lot has to do with the fact it’s all heavily regulated - not quite true GMP, but about as close to GMP as I’ve ever seen in cannabis (QA/QC departments, raw material specs, quarantine/release of raw materials, detailed product tracking, etc). A lot more labor, staff, materials, infrastructure, red tape to produce a kilogram. Also, they can’t import cheap $250 kilograms of CBD from the US into Canada.


Because it costs something like $1m to meet the compliance and regulatory requirements to operate at any real scale… If you do it yourself and as cheap as possible.

That’s not including what it costs to actually set up your company.

Also, everything is just more expensive in Canada because it is.


Most producers in Canada that are really doing it are dumping kegs for 2k flat. (Coa92%+)
Which is less than merica if you look at what the dollars worth.


That makes sense!

Is Hemp not legal in Canada?

I mean why aren’t people growing hemp and converting it into D9, since hemp can be grown and managed outdoors on acres of land.

Please correct my understanding if I’m wrong

I’m here to learn :smiley:

I have no idea about how hemp is grown in Canada, my exposure to their system is pretty limited.

To do any sort of licensed operation in Canada you need a lot of funding to get past Health Canada’s regulatory hurdles, and no one is buying cannabinoid products from unlicensed entities. There aren’t small pop-up or fly-by-night grow and extraction operations like in the US - if you’re handling materials that are destined for any human consumption you need to comply Health Canada regulation, which is similar to food grade standards of quality control in the US. This means that there is a pretty high bar to clear just to get a license and product approval from Health Canada. To get a license you’re going to need a quality management system, tons of staff, tons of inspections, top of the line sanitary equipment, risk management plans, all these things that cost a lot of money to establish and maintain. I’m glossing over a ton of details, but trust me that what is demanded of Canadian licensees to be compliant costs heaps of money - GMP manufacturing is insanely expensive, and although not fully GMP the Canadian cannabis industry is a lot closer than here in the US.

So, if it takes a ton more money just to operate in Canada then it takes a ton more money to make a kilogram of anything so the prices per kilogram are kinda fucked because you’re paying for all the additional compliance and operational expenses that we don’t have in the US.