Canada - LP to LP Bulk Pricing

Most legit concentrate producers here in Canada have something to prove & pricing is all over the place when selling B2B

What prices are bulk THC concentrates going for in Canadian LP to LP Markets ?

Concentrates such as:
Live Vape
Distillate Vape
D9 Distillate
Diamonds & Sauce
Straight Diamonds

I know this is a loaded question for several reasons and some folks may choose not to participate however it benefits everyone to know your not getting ripped off, the legal market in Canada is not very stable and it is difficult to understand the fair market value in the LP scene.

@Lincoln20XX shared some pricing in his thread and I would like to expand on this to get a taste for the pricing scale, I plan on entering the market soon & wondering where to place the value on my own extracts that make them affordable for the people using the drugs that I make.



I’m just a consumer in Canada and all I know is that by the time that reaches me in the retail store it’s about $100/g.

I can’t buy legal concentrates with that kind of pricing with my consumption habits, lol.


Me either and I make them lol

I agree with you that It’s ridiculous, Pricing needs to come in line with what the average customer can afford without dropping quality


Also, I’m droolin over that video. Looks tasty!

I’m afraid I don’t play much on the THC side of things these days, so the information I provided is pretty close to all I have available.

I do know that one of our direct competitors is charging something in the $11.50/unit range for filled 1g vape carts at wholesale on serious volume. Which means if you’re moving them at $30 retail you’re losing money after excise etc.


The Canadian cannabis exchange - CCE or CCX, depending on who you talk to - is one place that LPs go to wave their big swinging prices around. If you’re licensed you should have no problem getting an account set up there.


Awesome brother, thank you

As far as I am aware and what my market research tells me, Canada prices are dropping like stone. The following prices are inclusive of biomass cost, processing and packing without excise or any form of taxes

Shatter 15k CAD
Badder 8-10k CAD
Live Vape- 12-15 CAD per 1 gm including hardware
Distillate Vape- 7-8 CAD per 1 gm incl. hardware
D9 Distillate- 7-8k for 90%
HTE- 8-9k, very subjective
Diamonds & Sauce- 12-15k per kg of diamond+sauce
Straight Diamonds- 15k per kg


I got quoted $4500 for d9 @ 90% yesterday
I hear carts are closer to $11.50 including hardware