Can you turn ethyl alcohol into isopropyl?

I’ve got about 550L of ethanol at 80% I was gonna turn into some hand sanitizer, but someone asked me if I could make isopropyl (I did inform them, the ethanol would do just as well). But was just curious how difficult/possible it would be to add some chains to it?

This is actually among the more difficult types of chemical reactions you could attempt. Not to say impossible but almost 100% certain to be not affordable


Someone afraid people will drink hand sanitizer?

I knew an alcoholic who drank ISO in rehab

He died

Shits no joke

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First question
Why would u even change it. Wouldn’t ethanol over 60% do the same thing with out paying to change it


Yes I’m a bit puzzled as well

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something that crossed my screen in the last couple of weeks said etoh killed viruses and iso killed bacteria. or vis versa. struck me as nonsense at the time. still does. might should go chasing rabbits again :wink:

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You can hydrogenate acetone to iso


FYI. Recently, the FDA asked manufacturers of hand sanitizers for more information on three commonly used active ingredients in OTC hand sanitizers. Those ingredients — alcohol (ethanol or ethyl alcohol ), isopropyl alcohol , and benzalkonium chloride — are used in approximately 97 percent of OTC hand sanitizers.

I suggest keeping the ethyl to make the sanitizer. Just add some aloe vera to the mix and you have some great sanitizer.

Seen plenty of foos drink hand sanitizer in jail :joy:

im not a virologist but was told that virus RNA is encapsulated in lipids, therefore the alcohol will expose the RNA to environment. the exact lipid composition varying by virus, which in turn means sometimes IPA would work better than etoh, and sometimes vice versa.

Oxidize ethanol to acetaldehyde via swern oxidation then hit it with methylmagnesium bromide and wash with acid.

sodium borohydride/ lithium aluminum hydride reduction of acetone

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You have to pour the hand sanitizer over baking soda first to make it extra tasty

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Grignard reactions are quite difficult and highly inefficient cost wise.

Yes it can be done , but why? Isopropyl alcohol is abundant, even now with the high demand.

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Where is this abundance? It’s not at walmart, rite aid, Walgreens, cvs, dollar general, sams club, Costco, Meijer’s, dominicks, Aldis, or any of the other places that normally sell it.

I’m still able to get my weekly delivery of 55 gal. Drums

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Still being able to get a regular weekly delivery from your usual weekly vendor is very different than your claim of an “abundance”. Wanna share that suppliers info?

My plug still have iso available.

How much a gallon?