can you reuse iso alcohol thats used for cryo baths?

Curious if its common practice to reuse the cryo bath alcohol dry ice mix after the dry ice has evaporated ? i havent made a mix yet so im not sure what to expect. i imagine the alcohol would be fine to re bottle and use over and over, right?

I reuse it, but I expect it to lose its strength some as it’s open to the environment for long periods of time and because of (what my fishermen buddies refer to as “Whore Frost”) ice falling into it… As it’s losing its strength, it loses its ability to get to the same low temp you started at.

I use a two stage cryo bath injection set up, 50’ of coil is in 90/10 iso bath (-40 to -50c) followed by 50’ of coil in a 99.7 iso bath (-80c)

Im going to reuse the 99.7 in the 90/10 bath. And just throw it away after I finish and just keep replacing the 99.7 every so often.


thanks for that. you have me curious about your double coil set up. it sounds like they are both pre column. is that right? or is one for recovery?

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I use them for injection, pre coil and for recovery.

I have to move lots of hoses around, but it works great.

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Your ISO can be used forever as
@FicklePickle stated it will get a higher water content in time making it less
“Powerful” this can be tackled if you wish with 4A molecular sieves
If your ISO has some water you can add some molecular sieves to the storage containers that will dry out your ISO when stored and regenerate the mol sieves in the oven to reuse
Also make sure there is no pressure buildup in the storage containers for
It to explode :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I use Coca Cola 1.5 liter bótels for storage for these are designed for some pressure :+1:


I never thought to add mol sieve beads to the iso. That’s perfect! Thank you!

Is that safe to do in ethanol too?

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Yes it is you will need slightly more sieves for your etho is an azeotrope with water at 96% and the sieves will dry out to 100% so the 4% water content will be aditional water that the sieves will absorb

O by the way any air compressor sales shop sells mol sieves at a fair price