Can you make water clear D8 Yellow?

Hey all, I have some water clear D8 that I’m really happy with. I finally got the water washing down and baking the ph thank you everyone here! Only problem is it tends to oxidize way quicker than say CBD Distillate or Marijuana D9 Distillate.

I mixed a little bit of Terp sauce I had with a batch of purple D8 oil and to my surprise, the oils blended to a nice yellow oil that doesn’t oxidize NEARLY as quickly so something in the Terp sauce is protecting the oil from oxidizing.

Does anybody know what makes it yellow? Is it an antioxidant? Is it natural that can be purchased and added to protect the oil?

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Terps dissolve waxes, waxes prevent oxidation. Dont add waxes to your product it will be cloudy and id be obliged to call u a dunce


I believe you there! I’m sure a little crisco would help :joy:

Blend it down with a little cbd distillate

Just stick with bho terp sauce it should have enough waxes dissolved in the terps

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I noticed the same switch of water clear d8 to this beautiful light yellow. But I used non canna derived terps.

Also had an older jar laying around which I heated up and poured etho in it (for cleaning). Purple completely dissapeared after a few drops. But this one was a d8/d9 50/50 mix.

This great post also may help in this topic


you can also “darken/yellow” waterclear oils by putting them into an oven at 80-90c for a few days.

however id always recommend the addition of conventionally extracted material to inhibit any oxidation or discoloration.


Hey there, I really appreciate your message. I’m a long time lurker and have really enjoyed your posts.

Any recommendation on a concentration of conventionally extracted material? I’m thinking of trying something like 10% CBD Distillate to my D8 Distillate. Would there be any other oils you think might perform better?

I’ve also been wondering about trying to find something high in carotenoids or some safe fat soluble antioxidant but most of what I find seems to not have any studies on inhalation safety.

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Its ph


you dont need much; 5% is usually perfect; the oils can be whatever; CBD disty; really nice CBD crude(if you add crude add it in BEFORE distillation) THC disty; THC sauce; pretty much anything cannabis derrived that is safe to consume. add just enough to tune it to the color youd like to see.

i would recommend against the addition of anything that isnt cannabis derrived; ive heard of people adding TEC (triethyl citrate) as well as MCT and i do not condone this practice.


As far as this is indicated in the product composition, it is ok at least.

But MCT being clear and very poor in antioxidants, it wouldn-t help much in this topic.

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