Can you and how would you extracted mites infested material


If you know you have broad mites, you should be pulling the infected plants.


I didn’t think mildew species produced mycos only molds?


I wish I had never set systemic in my argument. The only reason I replied was the tell that numbnuts not to use systemic fungicides.


You are correct PM is not systemic!!! Idk why people think this. If you give your plants an environment it CANT grow in itll disappear. Also, yellow sulfur :wink:


Indeed it is not systemic I don’t know how that myth got started. Also I don’t think it produced any toxins. It can cause allergic reactions when inhaled but if eaten it is not harmful to humans nor does it produce toxic byproducts like molds do


Cuz weed is bad so it need to be regulated 100x more strictly than any other product


I’ve ran it before and didn’t notice. Only noticed when I was emptying the column and inspecting the buds. Then another run came out murky and dark for no reason. You can run botch, it comes through. Hope that stash is just for you


Yeah I just wanted to see how it would turn out. Def not giving any out.


And am I actually watching extractors tell others it’s ok to extract pm and botch? And not turn to disty? Please advertise your brand, unless you only do this for yourself, so anyone here can stay clear.

Seriously how the fuck do you advocate that.

If my grow has any mold issues. I don’t touch that material. I won’t contaminate my equipment. That shit can go to disty.


They don’t test for pm any more in Oregon. Only ecoli and salmonella…