Can you add terpenes to cartridges after filled?

Hey, I made a few carts and used the same amount of terpenes as usual, and for some reason the same amount of terps I used last batch doesn’t taste nearly as strong this time around. Can I unscrew the caps and add a drop or 2 recap and flip them in my oven at 30-40 just to help the oil flow a little. I was thinking to just do a few flips in the oven.
Does anyone have any better suggestions ??
Or anyone have any experience with this happening

Crazy I was using 30% terps and people were complaining that they were too strong so I used 15% and now they’re complying they’re too weak and lose flavor half way thru,I’m also wondering this same thing

What terps are you using that you can put 30% and have no nose tingles


15% still super high


I would think if you added terps after the carts were filled the terps would just sit on top of the concentrate that’s already been injected into the cart. I think the only remedy you would have would be to empty the carts, introduce more terps, stir, and refill the carts. I can see how this would be a pain in the ass, but I don’t see any other way of adding terps and maintaining the integrity of the carts you’re offering to customers. If that’s gonna be a problem, perhaps offer the carts you have that don’t have a strong enough flavor at a cut rate and create a new batch. Hope this was helpful.

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be cautious of how you are blending in your terps… you really shouldnt be exceeding 10% for health reasons nor should you need to for flavoring purposes… if you are getting weak or differentiation flavor profiles it may be due to adding your terpenes into the distillate while its too warm and evaporating them out… you may also be over mixing or not mixing well enough to be fully homogenized…


I need to sell 130 gallons of Terpenes or blend them for someone! Anyone need them or ?