Can we get some enforced rules/punishment up in here?


I’m getting tired of dick swingin’ drama

Can we institute some IP suspensions and bans? I realize if people get uppity enough they can just VPN it.

But I think some of the flame wars in here really need to be curtailed. I figured a fitting punishment for a child/childlike adult would be a timeout (1 day, 1 week, 1 month+ suspension). I’d say a spanking would work but everyone’s too far away and I don’t want to touch most of you.

For stuff like doxxing I think an immediate and Swift ban is necessary.

I do understand we have rules in the forum. But people seem to go unpunished, and flamers keep flaming. It certainly just discredits us collectively. If we have either enough flags, or enough votes or something, can we start enforcing suspensions?


Could also start shutting threads if a shit show and a derail starts to happen on said thread.

Like if a thread goes off topic and starts to just become an argument thread it gets deleted asap.


Who’s gonna spend the time modding?


I mean, it’s pretty rare these things spiral, and it’ll be much more rare (hopefully?) if the usual suspects actually face some consequences.

I think it’s a pretty trivial workload for the mods

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I hope corona on you two times!


Do you mean the beer or the virus?

Either way you disgust me.



I agree. For a huge reason

Valuable information gets lost in the bullshit.

Try scrolling through a 400 comment flame war over something barely related to the topic. It’s stupid.


If mods can’t deal with it there should be more. But i don’t think that’s really the problem it’s that there’s almost nothing that gets anyone banned on here. Just recently we had a situation on here with repeated doxxing, sharing internal company info, people accusing each other of serious crimes and drug abuse, and seemingly a case of people making multiple accounts to harass people further. For this reason the entire verified consultants system was killed. But nothing has happened to anyone involved with this. The most I’ve seen is a 24 hour suspension and then they’re right back at it.


they should give me a ruler and plane tickets so I can slap everyone on the wrist


It’s all well and good until someone moans ‘harder daddy’


A masochist turns to a sadist and says “hurt me”, the sadist thinks for a moment and replies… “No”


@Ascent knows @qma don’t play :straight_ruler:

8 ===== D …

Hey dude @spdking

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U get what u pay for

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:joy: ban hammers only make sock accounts.


I don’t think banning is a solution, at least not under the model this forum was intended to follow. Did kid blockers keep you from watching porn when you were a teenager?

Those of us who’ve been on here since 2018 probably remember when at least 97% of all posts were decent discourse and knowledge sharing. That’s certainly why I came here and stayed. Then inevitably the spam posts, flame threads, etc started to creep in. I’ve seen @sidco and @Future attempt to curtail some of it, but they (and myself) believe that y’all should be able to handle yourselves without forum police.

Personally, I think it’s the same as pretty much everything else in the world, good things being ruined for many by the few wet towels, combined with the fact that some of you are so ridiculously sensitive and easily triggered that you just can’t resist typing out your life’s story every time someone calls you names, or God forbid the consumer base discusses a manufacturers equipment. Then it becomes a Mexican standoff of wet towels thinking that any of them are better than the others.

There’s really one simple solution to these problems…grow up. I’d like for the forum to return to its 2018/early 2019 status, but that requires the wet towels to hang up and dry themselves out.


i had to turn to the PPV channels on my TV and hope to get a glance of a tit or something. there was no internet…we barely home computers at that time. Analog TVs too. By the time AOL came around, i was already in explorations of the female anatomy. LOL kids have it sooo good these days!

I joke with my nephew and say all he does is sit at home and watch porn hub. My teenager aint anything better…fucking kid takes more showers a day then the rest of the house combined.


The verified consultant badges werent taken because of the Nevada thing

One of the verified consultants took 8k from someone and didn’t get them their equipment

Thats why future pulled the badges

Anyone who was involved in the NV stuff got their hemp slanger badge knocked from a 3 to a 2

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That reminds me. Now that all the clubs are shut down, my alley is the best place for hoes in Pompano. You just might have to swallow some pride next safety meeting woe :joy: :rofl: