Can someone tell me what this? Lipid nucleation maybe?


Can someone be so kind as to tell me what is going on with this distillate? It came in from another lab, it looks at smells a lot like lipids and fats. The COA they provided on the material says its 85% total cannabinoids and I was assured it was properly winterized at -80c.

You can see in the photos that it created circles of the lighter material, that also coagulated down the side of the bucket. Before I heated it up the nucleation on top was also in perfect circles.

I brought it in for remediation and had my doubts but was assured it was winterized. I went to run it through our flash column and it quickly clogged up our column so I had to purge with acetone.

My guess is poor winterization. Any help appreciated.

My best guess is poor winterization too. I worked for a facility early on that purposefully made this in order to save solvent on winterization. It’s waxy and it freezes in what I describe as plates, forming rings as it goes up the flask (This was on a KD-6, so it was a cylinder). If you take it, dissolve it 2:1 ethanol to product, freeze it with parchment over the top,and little white rafts float on top of the solution like this, then it has fat in it.

Yep, just tried your test method. Definitely full of fats.

Thanks for the helpful tip, was able to prove my theory before doing large batch winterization.

Thank you!

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looks like CBG distillate, although I have seen super potent crude look like this. My guess is crystallization because of the high potency. Do you have the COA to post?

here is some CBG crude and distillate with similar formations…


almost definitely improperly winterized if thats supposed to be cbd distillate, doesn’t look like it was winterized at all to be honest.

Yes here is a COA. I highly doubt it is crystallization, even though the potency is high. If it was just crystallization, the 1:1 distillate/ethanol solution sample that goes into our chromatography unit wouldn’t have clogged up our column which is probably due the lipid structure.

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Thats certainly a lot of waxes then! but you’ve got 15% max based on CoA, I have seen CBD crystallize in ways similar to this.