Can somebody suggest me Cbd or THC oil AGAINST CERVIX CANCER!?


Not just against pain
Maybe helping to stop it… <3


Look for live resin or rosin and as many dif kinds as you can find . The more cannibinoids the better.


How is this to use?
I think I might have a problem shipping those things to Germany :frowning:


Eating it would probly be best, but it’s made to be dabbed or vaped. Start with .5 grams and go up to 1 g per day


You might have to make your own?? Shipping would be illegal I’m sure.


Have you asked your physician for help? My understanding is that Germany has rudimentary medical cannabis laws in place, and you should be able to get a recommendation from your doctor. I don’t know how much that will help you in obtaining medicine, but it does look like there are laws in place that should allow you to possess it.

obtaining flowers and extracting with ethanol is likely to be your best bet if you have to do this on the black market.

The clinical data currently available does not support “cure”, but throwing 1000 to 1500mg of THC and/or CBD at the problem on a daily basis is the recommended protocol when dealing with cancer. starting out at 50mg and building up to 1000 as quickly as possible is standard.

Edit: I haven’t seen any other hands raised from Germany, but I’m guessing there are folks reading along who are closer to you who may be able to help.

Edit: like the ever helpful @Roguelab below :wink:


Dear sir
I am in Holland amsterdam and able to help
Wich city are You located
I can recomend the zuver nufer foundation in the netherlands for information