Can MtA evotech be outside?

Sup guys. So our chillers have have been battling our ac in this summer heat. Is it okay to run these chillers outside in 97 degree weather?

Model # ?

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TAEevo TECH chillers are suitable for outdoor installation. Check product page to confirm.


High heat conditions can eventually cause any chiller system to go into alarm once the condenser stops working due to excessive operational temperature. However, the MTA’s I believe are rated for 95deg days and can handle upwards of somewhere over 100f before they completely stop working without any assistance.

If you are in a hot and dry area, you can use evaporative cooling to assist by misting water onto the condenser coil. If it is humid in your area though this will not work - put in an overhead sun block to shade the unit so minimize heat absorption from the sun’s direct beam (helps with both humid and dry conditions).


We were using one and ran into the same problem. Putting a car port over the chiller reduced our ambient temp by about 20 degrees which greatly alleviated the issue. Also tampered with having a trickle system of water constantly running over the coils which worked but it was messy lol.


Freeheaters can take excess heat off your coils. These retrofits have a tank of water with the refrigerant coil inside so you can pull heat off that way. Will expand capacity somewhat based on tank size. The dairy industry uses these to pull hest from their milk cooling units. Makes all the washdown water to clean stalls and equipment for freeeeeee.

Research “Mueller Freeheaters”


LAUDA Ultracool chillers can be installed outside as well, covers are always suggested to keep nature and excess water/moisture out of the system and to keep ambient down.