Can honestly say...when it comes buying isolate.

This lab right here is ran by a top notch professional. His product is second to none. Does a tremendous amount of business…and never hear of him talking thousands of kilos at a time. I am not related to or even promoting the lab…and I get nothing for this endorsement. Just passing on solid info on a solid company.


Good group of guys! Used to do business with them in the beginning of last year and then i scaled to big! Really nice guys and always have product in stock! Good for small Isolate Orders.

Invite him to get veriefied :grinning:
If he passes @Future credibility check hè s more than welcome


Ya MileHigh is one of the best I’ve ever worked with, and another lab that would get an immediate Level 3 verification as I’ve been to their facility before. The safe room all this isolate is in is epic.