Can heated oil pass through a Buchner filter w/o a solvent?

I have a few kilos of older CO2 oil that I want to run some tests on (not for consumption it’ll be scrapped). It has not been winterized just a thick dark subcritical oil from trim. If I heat it to 200F and run it through a .45 micron with some carbon would it scrub the color? I know most people are mixing ethanol or a solvent to pass through the filter. At 200F the oil is comparable to the consistency of olive oil.


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You’d want positive pressure over vacuum. It will foul the filter quickly. A heated centrifuge works better.


I agree. Grab a stainless filter column with .45 micron filter from and push with nitrogen to get it through


If it’s un-winterized I’d think you’ll foul it and have a huge mess even if it’s like olive oil.
I’d suggest to winterize in solvent then run it. I’ve tried to push at even 5um and it fouled. Also depends how fatty the crude is.
Water wash a small sample and see how much it pulls.


What happens when it fouls? Just nothing else comes out or it breaks through the filter?

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If your oil was bho I’d assume no fouling will occur. Co2 and ethanol extracts are a whole other ballgame as they have a lot of polar gunk that will cake up your filter. By using crc powders you may be able to avoid allowing those solids to reach the sintered disk filter. I say just fucking send it and use some hot isopropyl to clean the filter.

You will likely still have a cloudy oil even if you manage to polish that turd as it will be fatty for sure

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Yes both could happen. If winterizing the solids that precipitate out will saturate the filter whether it’s sintered or paper and will not allow the solution through. I do a 10:1 ratio solvent to oil cold then run it through. Then get it cold again and run it through with a finer um filter or disk. Then evap the solvent off. Without it precipitation of fats lipids waxes etc the oil will still contain undesirables in it.
As @TRIPPIE eluded, you’ll have cloudy oil.

In short …no. if you heat it up it will not seperate the fats and waxes. Break down in ethanol or methanol chill to -40 with dry ice or cryo freezer then filter .