Can anyone help me with 2 extra tickets to the Las Vegas Knowledge Session this Friday?

Hey guys, so checked today and event is sold out. I know we should not have waited till the last sec, but we didn’t know we can go till just today. If you guys are aware, the cali fires going on is where me and my partner live. we have had to scramble and get stuff out of home and warehouse because we were not sure if it was going to burn down or not.

If not for these fires, we would have purchased tickets last Friday when they were available. If anyone has extra tickets or can work something out, please send me a message. We need 2 tickets and willing to pay of course.

I know its a long shot but since this place will have a presence there, I figured asking here might be worth trying.

This is the event for the record:


Shitty man. Wish I could help but the venue is strict on the head count. If you can’t find a ticket, I’ll be going to “The Buffet” at The Bellagio afterwards, and the invite is open to all to join


Are you still looking to purchase two tickets for the knowledge session on November 16th