Can anyone help guiding me toward making something more than distillate carts?

I want to make something more then just distillate with terps. What should I do.

I am hearing I have to decard badder? can anyone guide me?

I am working with distillate and a cart farm gun.

Can I mix in badder with distillate and do I have to decarb the badder?

I wouldn’t decarb the badder, I would suggest slowly melting shatter before badder because the shatter should have a lower fat content

the best way is to take diamonds (without the terps on them), decarb those and then pair back with live resin for an all natural cannabis derived vape

Unfortunately, marijuana destroys your creativity

This is why hte is in such high demand. Its the flavor of less pure concentrates (bho, co2) that yoy can add to your pure distillates to create a product superior to both ingredients