California Toll Processor In Search of Clean Biomass

Hello friends!

We are a Type 7 volatile extraction facility based out of Humboldt county here in California. We are currently expanding our network and searching for more clients with a reliable supply of clean biomass.

At current production levels we’re currently set up to process between 400-500lbs of biomass per workday using two big crude extractors each running two Master Vapor Pumps.

We can promise competitive processing rates, a fast turnaround time, and no BS!

Shoot me a DM, and we’ll make something happen. We’ve got two real big hungry hippos that need to stay fed!

California license holders only, please!

License: CDPH-T00000534


Have biomass for sale but not interested in tolling.

Thanks for the reply, but we need to keep it within California in order to stay compliant. On your website it looks like you’re out of state.

Yes we are, I do however have a partner in California that owns a few farms. I don’t think he will be interested in tolling either however if you give me your email I will pass it along to him to reach out to you.

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Tolling is primarily what we do, but we aren’t absolutely opposed to buying biomass outright as long as the price is right. I’ll DM you my email.

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what % tolling do you do? 50-50?

Last I checked our rate was $1.25 per of extract produced from the biomass being tolled. We don’t generally split weights.


Wow. Thats one of the lowest numbers I’ve heard out here yet!

Is this per gram or crude or for a gram of finished product?

I am always buying clean biomass, if there is anyone that has any feel free to hit me up. I will take it all. located in norcal


That would be crude. Right now we are still in the process of phasing in gear for post processing and running higher grade starting material cryogenically.

what’s your budget for trim? The clean stuff is very hard to get consistently and is expensive.

Can you please contact me for the prices you have for Clean Trim we are located in LA we have an extraction operation thanks Call me on whatsapp 8184711928 Edens! TY

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My email is can you please connect him and I as well as zoo have biomass buyers needing to be compliant in CA

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Contact me if you want to remediate pesticides and expand your access to material. I am taking orders in California for when my facility is fully up and running. 5303856658

I have 400Lbs. of organic Oregon grown Special Sauce Biomass available now. Please get a hold of me

So sorry but to maintain compliance we have to keep it within California.

Are you in humboldt? Arcata innovation zone?

Yes we are.

Nice maybe we can together some time and talk shop. I’m in. the zone as well. We are at peak behind north coast labs

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