California Regulated Wholesale Pricing Thread

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I’ve found it is extremely difficult to find wholesale pricing for different product categories in the regulated wholesale market in CA. I am hoping to start a thread that will hopefully help us all price our products properly without feeling the need to offer the bare minimum and dive-bomb the market, and to give us all a place to look where this information can be found in a consolidated fashion. I’m curious what you all have seen in your experience for the costing of the following products. Please give the name of the product type, the quality grade, and a brief description of any additional factors that may be influencing that wholesale price (bulk vs small quantity orders for example).

Live Resin
Cannabis Derived Terpenes
Distillate Cartridges
HTE Cut Cartridges
Cannabis Terpene Cartridges


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you could check some of that information on this menu,
the lowest i have seen concentrates in the market overall (L2L) has been around $6.50-$9 per gram.
the end price of all goods comes down to how much is being spent on processing material.
if the manufacturer is able to get trim ,for example, at $80/LB L2L instead of $110. they will obviously be able to have some wiggle room when it comes to pricing. where as margins get tighter and you can’t charge low when you are spending more on processing materials.
in my experience with manufacturers’ overall price has to be calculated in with their costs solvents, staff, and trim or other processing materials


Wow, in what world do diamonds and shatter wholesale for the same price??


I source from suppliers all over the state. each supplier prices their product differently

5500 for 90% liters? Would you like a job in sales my friend?? :joy: am I shifting myself that much? I charge 4

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That is price after tax, most people charge 3800 pre tax
after tax its 5K-5.5K

from everyone i’ve talked too about selling at 4K. they say that price would not possible with the costs they have. but again everyone is different

Ah makes sense. Seems high for tax though we are pretty consistent at 1000

I’m at 4.5k a liter after tax


Is that trim pricing legit? Id be in on that!

That’s way to cheap knock it off lol

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What trim is available i get it from 80-110 pre tax.
depending on availability

Oh I was just going off the flyer. It referenced 16% at $70lb figured it was to good to be true :joy:

10% after CRC is going for $175 w/ tax.

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i do stumble into that type of material and price point all the time.

i get emails and messages every week , trim from $7PPP-$10PPP

Thanks for the info CannaQuantum, this gives a pretty good idea of pricing for most of the products on my list. Anyone else have any data to add to the conversation? I think it would benefit everyone the more data we can conglomerate on this subject.

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Thanks you so much for this question, it´s incredibly relevant and timeless, and thanks @CannaQuantum for sharing your catalog.

(Generally) where are prices now for live resin, budder, and wax?

10 diamonds/LR
12-14 for recrash diamonds
Live resin ready to fill anywhere from 15-18
Don’t produce budders/shatters at but available from local facilities for 6-7

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I’m I’m Illinois and they’ve made it so hard to source any of this stuff.

I’ve been trying to find a wholesaler who would at least talk to me!!

Can anyone point me on the path?

Terp Sauces
Live resins
Diamonds etc etc

Really appreciate it :pray::raised_hands: